Russia is expected to reduce the export tariff of

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Russia is expected to reduce export tariffs on forest products

according to Tass news agency, Russia's acting Finance Minister Sergei Ignatiev said at the budget committee meeting of the State Duma that in order to avoid extensive damage, the Russian government is expected to reduce export tariffs on all products except crude oil and natural gas in recent months, with an average range of 20%

ignatiev said: "whether we like it or not, the world market situation of many products is deteriorating. This is the reason why we reduce or even cancel the export tariffs of some products."

according to him, a set of export wrong interface will be implemented in recent months, which may damage the equipment; The tariff reduction program is mainly aimed at non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and wood. However, it is still difficult to give a specific tax cut for a certain product

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