Russia develops new fluororubber

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Russia has developed a new type of fluororubber

Russia's Kirov Lipetsk chemical enterprise recently plans to increase the production of fluororubber varieties and develop new varieties of fluororubber ckf-26, ckf-264, ckf-264b

the performance of fluororubber is better than that of ordinary rubber, and its chemical stability is similar to thermoelasticity. Fluororubber is resistant to mineral acids and alkalis of various concentrations, as well as many aromatic hydrocarbons and various greases. Fluororubber is dissolved in some esters and can be used to produce particularly strong sealing materials and packaging. Ask the electrician to check and eliminate it. Most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's rapid industrial development in recent years has hindered

information source: Sinopec

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