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Practice and Thinking: build Jiangsu high performance fiber product quality inspection center

at present, the main representative varieties of high performance fibers in the world are: carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, glass fiber, polyimide fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, ceramic fiber, etc., which have physical and mechanical properties, thermal properties and chemical properties that ordinary fibers cannot match, and are widely used in transportation, energy power Sports and leisure, aerospace, infrastructure construction, medical and environmental protection, national defense construction and other industries

the high-performance fiber industry has the characteristics of high technology content, difficult engineering, large capital investment and long output time. On the whole, China's high-performance fiber industry is still in its infancy, and there is a large gap in industrial scale, technical level and innovation ability compared with the United States, Japan and other countries with developed high-performance fiber industry in the world. Although some high-performance fiber production projects have been completed and put into operation, the product quality is unstable and the product level is low. In addition, the development of China's high-performance fiber industry still has some problems, such as insufficient investment, lack of support from the public service platform of industry technology, lagging behind in the formulation of product standards, insufficient expansion of application fields, etc., which restrict the development of China's high-performance fiber industry to a certain extent

the significance of building a quality inspection center for high-performance fiber products in Jiangsu Province

the high-performance fiber industry is a global sunrise industry and strategic industry. With the development of global economic integration, developed countries are gradually withdrawing from the production of conventional fiber varieties, strengthening the research and development of high-performance fiber, and taking the high-performance fiber industry as the strategic focus to improve their scientific and technological competitiveness. With the in-depth implementation of China's strategic adjustment from "made in China" to "created in China", as the largest chemical fiber production country in the world, China must also change to a strong chemical fiber production country. Focusing on the development of high-performance fiber industry has become an inevitable choice for the textile industry to achieve transformation and upgrading

in recent years, driven by the strategy of "strengthening the province through science and technology", the high-performance fiber industry in Jiangsu Province has developed rapidly and has occupied an important position in the domestic high-performance fiber industry. Due to the high technical content of high-performance fiber, large investment in testing instruments and equipment, and short time to carry out industrialized production, the enterprise itself does not have complete testing conditions for high-performance fiber products. At present, there is no service platform that can provide comprehensive testing for high-performance fiber enterprises in China, which will greatly affect the R & D and product testing work of several engineers of Hexion who will stay in the factory, and restrict the healthy development of high-performance fiber industry to a certain extent. It is urgent to build a high-level testing public service platform to serve the rapid development of high-performance fiber industry in the whole province and even the whole country. Therefore, building a professional public testing service platform for high-performance fiber products is of great significance to the development of high-performance fiber industry in the province and even the whole country

to this end, Lianyungang Fiber Inspection Institute firmly seized the development opportunities of local characteristic industries, closely combined fiber inspection work with local economic development, and actively applied to the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision for the preparation of Jiangsu Provincial high-performance fiber product quality supervision and inspection center in Lianyungang, which was approved in November 2009. The center is the first professional quality inspection institution in terms of high-performance fibers in China. Based on Lianyungang Fiber Inspection Institute and relying on the advantages of Lianyungang's intensive high-performance fiber industry, facing the whole province and radiating across the country, it will build a public service platform for quality inspection of high-performance fiber products with the most complete functions and inspection capabilities in China. The center is jointly invested and constructed by Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Lianyungang Bureau of quality and technical supervision. The total investment of phase I project is more than 21 million yuan, including 18 million yuan from Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone. After two years of intensive preparation, the center passed the laboratory qualification certification in October 2011, obtained the testing qualification of nine categories of high-performance fiber products and 32 high-performance fiber inspection items, and passed the on-site acceptance of the provincial quality inspection center organized by the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and officially put into use on December 21, 2011. After its completion, the center will make use of its advanced testing means and excellent professional and technical personnel to carry out quality inspection services for high-performance fiber products, strengthen extensive cooperation with colleges and universities inside and outside the province and well-known high-performance fiber production enterprises in information collection, talent training, scientific research and development, actively build an industry university research cooperation platform, and build a collection of testing, experiments, scientific research and services, The domestic first-class professional testing and research platform for high-performance fibers promotes and drives the development of high-performance fiber related industries in Jiangsu Province

construction content of Jiangsu high performance fiber product quality inspection center

1 Construction ideas. With the scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, and with the purpose of serving the development of Jiangsu's high-performance fiber industry and promoting the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu's textile industry, relying on Lianyungang, facing the whole province and radiating across the country, the center construction is carried out in accordance with the principle of "characteristic development, differential competition, based on the present and focusing on the long term"

2. Construction objectives. Build the center into a domestic first-class professional testing and research platform for high-performance fibers that integrates testing, experiments, scientific research and services, ensure that it passes the acceptance of provincial quality inspection centers by the end of 2011, build a provincial quality inspection center of Jiangsu Province within two years, and strive to be approved to prepare for the establishment of a national quality inspection center within three years

3. Construction content

(1) laboratory construction. According to the development of high-performance fiber industry in Jiangsu Province, combined with the testing status of testing institutions at home and abroad, in accordance with the requirements of "covering the main high-performance fibers, taking into account the testing of high-performance fiber products", the central laboratory has carried out more than 10 high-performance fiber products, added more than 30 high-performance fiber testing projects, and the center has invested more than 8 million yuan to purchase more than 80 sets of high-performance fiber product testing and R & D instruments, It can meet the testing requirements of major high-performance fiber varieties at present

(2) infrastructure. Jiangsu high performance fiber product quality inspection center is located in Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The project construction takes the laboratory construction as the core. Considering the office has made a useful attempt to upgrade the packaging and material experimental equipment, and the needs of academic exchanges, it has been built into a professional testing and research base with beautiful environment, complete facilities and convenient life. The inspection center covers an area of 10000 square meters and a building area of 4000 square meters, including 2500 square meters of laboratory area. It has built many professional laboratories, such as infrared spectroscopy laboratory, atomic absorption spectroscopy laboratory, element analysis laboratory, thermal analysis laboratory, optical laboratory, strength laboratory, gas chromatography laboratory, liquid chromatography laboratory, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, comprehensive laboratory, physical and chemical analysis laboratory, etc, It can meet the long-term development needs of the inspection center

(3) talent construction. The center has 14 professional technicians, including 5 technicians above master's degree, 7 senior engineers, 3 engineers and 7 national registered inspectors. In the next step, the center will strengthen the introduction of talents, effectively improve the testing and scientific research ability of the laboratory, and plan to introduce professional technicians with master's degree or above in textile engineering, polymer materials, analytical chemistry and other majors. At the same time, the center will establish a technical expert committee of the center and employ well-known domestic experts and professors in the field of high-performance fibers as the technical consultants of the center

(4) public service construction. Provide its resistance measurement value( μ Ω) 395.6 public technical service is the core function of the center, which mainly includes testing services, scientific and technological services, and cooperating with government functional agencies to provide relevant services. In terms of testing services, the center can meet the R & D and testing needs of high-performance fibers and their composites, actively participate in the performance testing of new product trial production process, and provide testing data for product quality control in the production process of enterprises. In terms of scientific and technological services, the center will collect advanced high-performance fiber production technologies, new products and new standards at home and abroad, jointly carry out research with relevant enterprises, and actively strive for scientific research topics from the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the Bureau of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Commission of economy and information technology and other departments. In terms of cooperating with government functional agencies, the center will actively cooperate with government functional departments to play a role in market supervision, production license inspection and the inspection of various certification agencies, complete the mandatory tasks of provincial and municipal quality supervision bureaus and industrial and commercial bureaus, and be a good monitor of product quality

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