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Practice green life and take back thousands of plastic bags

collect plastic bags at will, rely on buses when traveling, and don't throw away old clothes and shoes... From odd jobs to small store owners, to medical salesmen, Wei Zenggang, a 30-year-old Shangluo boy, used his bit by bit actions to interpret the concept of "Green family"

Wei Zenggang, in his 30s, came to Xi'an from his hometown in Shangluo to work 11 years ago. Today, Wei Zenggang has become a husband and father, and has become an out and out Xi'an person

but it needs to be strengthened to implement it. Three years ago, it was learned from TV and newspapers that the proportion of plastic bags in other companies was not large, which was harmful to environmental pollution. Wei Zenggang and his wife began to consciously resist disposable plastic products. Nevertheless, when they go to farmers' markets, supermarkets and other places to buy all kinds of daily necessities every day, generous merchants always use plastic bags. But I didn't expect that in the past three years, the plastic bags they collected casually contained fiveorsix large bags, thousands of them. "If you live with your heart, you will unconsciously practice green and low-carbon; if you live with your heart, you can better experience the beauty of life." Wei Zenggang said that in addition to plastic bags, he also said excitedly that he was a witness to the widening and blocking of Xi'an roads. Every day when he goes out, he and his wife choose to walk, ride a bike, or take the bus. They feel it is very convenient to travel, and they also hope that more citizens will join the ranks of public transport

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