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Practical fiber battery promotes intelligent clothing application

according to Canadian media reports, Montreal Institute of technology in Canada has developed a battery that can be sewn into clothes. Researchers said that this kind of battery has good lightness and flexibility, which can create conditions for further pushing the practicability of electroplating parts, please wipe them with oil into intelligent clothing and wearable electronic devices

Once electric leakage occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

since the emergence of intelligent clothing in the market, it has become a hot spot and a difficult point in the textile and clothing industry. There are more and more products related to intelligent clothing, and the scope of intelligent clothing is more and more extensive. However, the power supply required by intelligent clothing is difficult, and the popularity will be further expanded to solve, because such power supply should meet the wearable needs

according to the researchers, this wearable power supply developed by Montreal Institute of technology is made of a thin layer of fiber material, which is then integrated into the fabric with other fibers. In order to achieve its penetrability, scientists add lithium titanate between the polyethylene oxide electrolyte layers and use it as an anode, and then add lithium iron phosphate to it as a cathode. Because these three layers are thermoplastic materials, they can be directly woven into textiles as fiber materials, and are integrated with other fibers. In this way, the power generated by the thermoplastic material can generate heat directly, and the thin circuit layer can form a current band, with a flow distance of 10 cm and a width of 1 cm. Due to the dobby hand loom, this kind of textile electrode uses conductive yarn, which can be directly connected with other parts of the clothes. The cotton thread can ensure that the battery surface is attached to the surface of the fabric

the head of the research team believes that this kind of wearable battery is the first in the world, and the power generated by the soft lithium battery can be transmitted to other parts of the clothing like a fluid. Canadian scientists plan to first apply this wearable battery technology to the production of woven backpacks and medical monitoring clothing, and then sell its patents to more intelligent clothing manufacturers

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