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Leading the development of AI in actual combat - the 2019 test sample is not in the central position. The artificial intelligence conference will release a new signal

on July 30, 2019, AI will start its first large-scale national roadshow, with its first stop scheduled for Chengdu. Since the JD AI Innovation Summit in April 2018, the strategic layout of JD AI and neuhub JD AI open platform have been disclosed for the first time. In the past year, JD AI has restructured innovative business modules and landed at multiple sites in municipal, retail, customer service, medical and other scenes. It is believed that "let AI start" 2019 JD AI conference, JD AI and neuhub

2.0 platform will bring us new surprises

neuhub is an important part of JD's chess game in the field of whether the layout of AI is non-linear and at what level. Based on JD's cutting-edge AI capabilities, combined with JD's rich scene data, it has attracted excellent AI industry chain partners, and has grown into an AI open platform with innovation, security, stability, ease of use and practicality, Neuhub can create end-to-end integrated innovative products and solutions for different scenarios to meet the needs of multi-dimensional AI with multi-level AI products and applications

many guests from government departments, industry associations, scientific research institutes, supply chain industry giants, well-known brands, etc. will participate in this corrosion-free (no harm to human body) Chengdu roadshow to witness more wonderful things brought about by neuhub2.0

Chengdu has become one of the largest gathering places of AI developers in China. Chengdu is fully supporting the collaborative innovation of enterprises, universities, institutes, industry, University and research institutes, jointly building municipal engineering technology research centers, and carrying out the engineering research and development of scientific and technological achievements. This large-scale roadshow of was launched in Chengdu, which is also due to the importance of Chengdu in the strategic layout of intelligent customer service business department is located in Chengdu. Previously, Research Institute also set up a research and development center in Chengdu's exploration in the field of artificial intelligence is multi-faceted, covering multiple levels from top to bottom. At present, it is reported that in addition to the release of neuhub2.0, JD AI will also release ten major practical cases on the scene, as well as the best practice achievements in municipal, retail, customer service, medical and many other industries. JD AI is in an open and win-win mentality. By building an artificial intelligence open platform, creating multi scenario products and applications, and introducing different types of ecological partners, JD AI catalyzes in terms of brand, technology, business, etc., and accelerates the implementation of artificial intelligence in various industries

Internet giants such as Google, Microsoft, apple and Baidu are vigorously promoting the construction of AI technology capacity, and show their skills in external activities such as developer conferences. Since its establishment in 2017, JD AI No. 1 has relied on the full value chain scenarios of retail, logistics, finance and high net worth data to cooperate with giant enterprises in various fields such as Feng's and China Construction Bank to jointly explore the business model and innovative applications of AI. The 2019 JD AI conference Chengdu Station is about to open. How many highlights and possibilities will JD AI present? On July 30, please wait and see

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