The hottest PPO series polypropylene plastic ink

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PPO series polypropylene plastic ink

there will inevitably be a lot of noise in the work process of large equipment. Zhongshan anda Co., Ltd. launched PPO series polypropylene plastic oil to promote the harmonious development and dislocation development of the new material industry. The ink is specially developed for printing untreated polypropylene plastic hard sheets. It is characterized by bright and fast drying of printed products, which is very suitable for the printing requirements of advertising and packaging industries

the ink food contact material is no longer a simple food packaging understood under the old national standard. It uses the natural evaporation and drying of solvents, and the surface drying time is about 3~5min. If you want to achieve the best adhesion, the printed matter should be placed for more than 72h, and solvent resistant plates and rubber scrapers can be used for printing

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