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Implement the "supply side reform" XCMG shovel released the "shovel industry ecology +"

implement the "supply dynamometer instigation device driven needle friction too large side reform" XCMG shovel released the "shovel industry ecology +"

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at present, all industries are facing huge challenges of survival and development. How can we help our customers increase revenue and reduce expenditure, increase efficiency and reduce costs? How to surpass the extensive, medium and low-end, homogeneous competition? How to promote the transformation and upgrading of construction machinery industry under the new situation

XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division released "shovel industry ecology +"

in line with the major national policy of promoting the healthy development of the industry, actively responding to and taking the lead in implementing the "supply side reform", XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division's "shovel industry ecology +" and V series new products global conference will be held in XCMG large tonnage loader intelligent manufacturing base on March 18, 2016! On August 26th, 2016, we sincerely invite you to participate in this grand meeting, discuss with many industry leaders and industry elites, discuss development plans, and jointly display the grand plan of reform

under the same output and melt quality

new hope, new future, looking forward to meeting with you at XCMG! For details, please refer to the subscription number: xugongchanyun

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