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OPEC increased its daily oil production by 400000 barrels in May

according to the news of oil prices on June 11, if OPEC produced and used according to the standards on Thursday, it said that with the gradual easing of production reduction last month, the crude oil production in May 2021 increased by 390000 barrels/day to 25.46 million barrels/day

according to the monthly oil market report released by OPEC on Thursday, the largest monthly increase in oil production is Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer, followed by two of the three OPEC member states exempted by the OPEC agreement

the crude oil production of the third country not affected by the production reduction in May was also higher than that in April. In April, due to the force majeure of an oil export terminal for several consecutive days, crude oil production mainly showed several characteristics: 1. The volume fell

according to OPEC's secondary sources, Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, increased its production by 345000 barrels per day to 8.466 million barrels per day in May. In addition to the higher production allowed by the agreement, Saudi Arabia also began to cancel the plan of unilateral additional production reduction of 100 barrels per day from February to April. Saudi Arabia is gradually easing the additional production reduction between May and July, with monthly production increasing by 250000 barrels per day in May and June

compared with the secondary source of OPEC, Saudi Arabia reported higher output in May. Saudi Arabia told OPEC that its crude oil production increased by 410000 barrels per day from April to an average of 8.544 million barrels per day in May

on the other hand, in OPEC, waste plastic granulators in Nigeria and Angola are prone to environmental pollution during their operation, with the largest decline in output last month, 72000 barrels/day and 60000 barrels/day respectively

the oil production of OPEC Gulf member states bound by the agreement increased. Compared with April, the output of Iraq increased by 33000 barrels per day in May, that of Kuwait increased by 32000 barrels per day, and that of the United Arab Emirates increased by 28000 barrels per day

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