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Opec: support oil prices to ensure the implementation of the quota policy for Chinese construction machinery enterprises in products, skills and innovation ability

recently, affected by the world bank's reduction of global economic growth expectations, capital profit taking and other factors, Zhou Yitong, a global polyurethane market analyst known to President Li of the experimental machine, said that the international crude oil price fell rapidly from $73/barrel to below $67/barrel. In the face of the decline in crude oil prices, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has issued a voice to support crude oil prices, which it hopes can reach $80/barrel

yesterday, the chairman of OPEC expressed the hope that the oil price would reach $80/barrel. He pointed out that OPEC is trying to ensure that the output quota policy is better implemented

in the second half of 2008, the international oil price fell sharply from $147/barrel. In order to maintain the stability of oil prices and adjust the supply and demand of the crude oil market, OPEC cut its crude oil output quota by 4.2 million barrels/day

opec's production reduction has indeed supported crude oil prices. Since February this year, the international oil price has risen from $35/barrel to around $73/barrel in mid June. However, with the rise of crude oil prices, the implementation of OPEC member countries' production reduction policies has also declined rapidly. According to the survey of OPEC member states, industry executives and analysts by Platts energy consulting, the implementation rate of OPEC crude oil production reduction in May this year was nearly 72%, lower than 78.7% in April and 81.8% in March

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