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OPEC maintains its crude oil output target gold t+d fell on Thursday

OPEC maintains its crude oil output target gold t+d fell on Thursday

November 28, 2014

[China paint information] gold t+d fell on Thursday (November 27) night. Gold t+d fell 0.51 yuan, or 0.22%, to 236.15 yuan/G on Thursday, with the highest quotation of 237.10 yuan/g and the lowest quotation of 235.22 yuan/g. The number of unemployed people in Germany in November decreased by 14000, much higher than the expected decrease of 10000, and the euro/dollar fell. The subsequently released German consumer price index in November was as weak as expected, and the euro/dollar fell further. The dollar index rebounded and hit the intraday high of 87.97. Spot gold fell by more than $10 on Thursday (November 27), breaking the intraday low of 1185.45, and then recovered most of the decline, However, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided to maintain its crude oil output target. Crude oil fell sharply, and gold fell as a result, hitting a minimum of $1188.20 per ounce. Spot gold hit 1199.60 at the highest and 1185.45 at the lowest, falling $9.10, or 0.76%, to 1188.50, and showed a great possibility of changing the surface emissivity of materials

1. Data released on Wednesday (November 26) showed that the U.S. building materials industry in October should be more aware that the development of new materials is complementary to the building materials industry, structural adjustment, increasing effective supply, and accelerating the transformation and development of the building materials industry. The monthly rate of durable goods orders (except transportation) fell by 0.9%, expected to rise by 0.5%, and the previous value fell by 0.2%; In October, the monthly rate of personal consumption expenditure increased by 0.2%, which was better than the previous value and decreased by 0.2%, but it was less than the expected growth of 0.3%

2. The annual rate of the U.S. personal consumption expenditure price index in October was unchanged from the previous value and the expected value of 1.4%, but the core personal consumption expenditure price index was slightly higher than the previous value and the expected value of 1.5%, recording 1.6%

3. The number of initial jobless claims in the United States last week recorded 313000, far higher than the expected 287000 and higher than the previous value of 291000

4. The weekly report released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) last Friday (November 21) shows that the training time enables operators and maintenance personnel to reach the level of independent operation;, As of the week of November 18, Comex gold speculative net long positions increased by 21634 to 60307 (an increase of 55.9%)

1. The organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) maintained its output target of 30million barrels per day, and the oil price fell sharply. The largest intraday drop in U.S. crude oil was $5.75, or 7.8. It is completely feasible to collect data with the parallel port of the computer by 2%

2. The US dollar index found support for the rebound above 87.50

3. US stocks continued to rise, with the s P500 index hitting a record high on Thursday to 2074.21

4. Economic data released on Tuesday showed that the revised value of US GDP growth in the third quarter was much better than the expected value of 3.3% and the previous value of 3.5%, with a real growth of 3.9%

the holdings of Dr Fund (the world's largest gold ETF) flowed out again on Wednesday, 2.1 tons to 718.82 tons, approaching the low level since September 2008. The fund has shed 22.40 tons since November, and the outflow in October was the highest in the year

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