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Cantar company launched the world's first dual station water adsorption analyzer

quantachrome instruments issued that the crack length shall be subject to visible cracks at its headquarters in Florida on October 30, 2009. The grand co organizer: China Machinery Industry Federation launched the world's first dual station gravimetric water adsorption Analyzer - aquadyne DVS

the study of water adsorption characteristics is very important in the manufacture and design of advanced materials. The properties of many materials change due to different moisture content, which is caused by the natural adsorption, capillary condensation or chemical reaction of the materials to the water in the air. The phenomenon of water adsorption is related to the storage, storage or activity of wood. The percentage of water content is the simplest and most important parameter to describe wood water content. The moisture content of wood depends on the relative humidity of its environment. The adsorption isotherm of water describes the relationship between moisture content and relative humidity of wood in the process of water adsorption. Its applications include:

drying and storage of grain

texture and shelf life of food (shelf life)

stability and drug activity of drug excipients

mortar and other cement like materials

paper. One of the future studies is to launch the innovative plasticization concept energizer sheet and coating

hydrophobic surface treatment (the effectiveness of dental antifouling coating)

microporous and nanostructured carbon materials

pem fuel cell components

aquadyne DVS is a fully automatic double microbalance system, which can simultaneously measure the water vapor adsorption capacity of two samples. It combines the unique advantages of high precision, high output and multi-function. It has fully integrated temperature control and relative humidity generator, high resolution (0.1 μ G) and high load capacity (5g)

this double microbalance analyzer adopts the gravimetric adsorption measurement principle combined with the dynamic steam generation system to accurately measure the adsorption isotherm, adsorption kinetics and temperature dependent adsorption behavior. The simultaneous measurement of two samples is the standard of this new analyzer, but what is more peculiar is that if only one sample is measured, the excellent electronic microbalance system can bear up to 8g of weight and still maintain the sensitivity of one millionth (01g of macromolecular polysaccharide composed of 0.000004 glycosidic bonds)! Aquadyne DVS has high design performance and simple operation. It is mainly aimed at the industrial application and academic research of medicine, food, desiccant, building materials, fuel cells, carbon materials, archaeology and materials science, which makes the scientific workers in these fields have more handy analysis and research means

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