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Global debut of Xinsong 1.4m long arm exhibition cooperative robot

global debut of Xinsong 1.4m long arm exhibition cooperative robot

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original title: Global debut of Xinsong 1.4m long arm exhibition cooperative robot

Guide: today, the 26th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino pack 2019) was officially launched in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Pazhou import and export commodities fair, As a representative of the higher and new generation of intelligent robots of MFR resin, Xinsong cooperative robot presented new products at this exhibition and demonstrated flexible intelligent packaging and logistics transportation technology

at the exhibition, Xinsong cooperative robot, parallel robot and mobile robot products cooperated with each other to show visitors intelligent packaging and logistics solutions

it is worth noting that this exhibition is also the first appearance of GCR, a series of multi cooperative robots. GCR has the advantages of collaborative safety, large working radius, high load, simple operation, low power consumption, rapid deployment, etc. the load reaches 14kg, and the arm span is 1400mm. It can be more widely applied to work scenarios in different industries, and meet the needs of industrial operations such as product packaging, machine tool loading and unloading, and palletizing

new members have been added to the Xinsong collaborative robot family. At present, there are 8 products including s series, G series, H series and D series. The product load covers 3kg, 5kg, 14kg and 20kg. This gives customers in different industries more diversified and cost-effective choices even though last year was a year when a large number of plastic machines were replaced in Thailand

because the manipulator can process products with complex shapes very quickly, Xinsong has always maintained the spirit of innovation and the pace of active exploration in the market application of the packaging industry, continuously explored the industry needs, provided customers with more high-quality solutions, and helped customers achieve a win-win situation of product quality and market benefits

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