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Revdia, the world's first large-scale biological succinic acid production base, has been put into commercial production.

revdia, the world's first large-scale biological succinic acid production base, has been put into commercial production and established its leading position in the industry.

revdia, a joint venture established by Royal DSM of the Netherlands and ROQUETTE fr è res of France, has been approved by all regulatory authorities and officially put into operation. Through its patented production technology, reverdia can meet the growing demand for succinic acid in the global market, thus establishing its leading position in the field of biological succinic acid production. DSM and rogate have joined forces to combine their respective advantages in the fields of material science, biotechnology and plant raw material processing, forming a strong driving force for the development of revidia

bio based succinic acid is extracted from non fossil raw materials, and its sustainable production technology can minimize the carbon footprint in the production process. Bio based succinic acid is an essential raw material for the production of polymers, resins and many other products. Its applications cover many fields, such as footwear products, packaging materials and coatings

reverdia will be the first enterprise in the world to conduct large-scale commercial production of bio based succinic acid, and its products will be branded with biosucciniumtm trademark and introduced to the market. The world-class sustainable fermentation technology used by reverdia has been developed since 2008

the new plant will be put into operation at the end of the third quarter of 2012, with a design capacity of 10000 tons. It is located in the production base of rogate in Cassano Spinola, Italy, adjacent to the port of Genoa, with convenient transportation and efficient global logistics network

the on-site production of starch raw materials has fully realized the backward integration. In addition, the combined use of steam and electricity and the application of on-site wastewater treatment system have also reduced the carbon footprint level in the production process of biosucciniumtm products to the greatest extent

will van den tweel, general manager of reverdia, said: "Biosucciniumtm adopts the most advanced and sustainable production technology in the world. Its bio based succinic acid products are of outstanding quality and excellent performance. Different from the current use of bacterial technology in the market to produce bio based succinic acid, re makes the vehicle out of balance. Verdia's unique patented yeast technology can convert sugars into succinic acid. This new process is simple and stable, with low energy consumption and raw material utilization High, and the purity of the finished product has been greatly improved. "

as early as January, 2010, DSM and rogate built a demonstration plant in trem after many customers of LES in France bought pressure testing machines, put this production technology into practical use, and continuously improve and optimize it to prepare for the large-scale introduction of products to the market. Jean Pierre vannier, operation director of reverdia company, said: "during the operation of Lestrem's demonstration plant, we have accumulated relevant technical experience in biosucciniumtm production process, plus our own expertise in large-scale processing and devices. We believe that the start-up of the commercial chemical plant will be very smooth."

biosuccinium will give more prominence to the advantages of renewable and sustainable utilization of products. With the start of large-scale commercial production, bio based succinic acid will challenge the status of petrochemical succinic acid and petrochemical adipic acid. At present, succinic acid produced by petrochemical process is mainly used in medicine, food, coating, pigment and other fields. The emergence of biosuccinium marks the birth of succinic acid with many advantages such as high quality, sustainability and great market competitiveness. Revidia believes that the application field of succinic acid will be broader in the near future. In addition to the competitive market price, biosucciniumtm, with its unique sustainable advantages, can not only be widely used in polyester polyols, polybutylene succinate (PBS), plasticizers, 1.4 butanediol, synthetic resins and coating resins, but also in packaging materials, footwear, spandex fabrics, shopping bags, mulch films, automotive interiors and many other end markets

revidia - a combination of DSM's strengths and rogate's China

revidia was jointly funded by Royal DSM of the Netherlands, a global life science and material science company, and rogate, a French starch and starch derivative production expert

revidia company * has always been committed to becoming a global leader in the field of renewable succinic acid. Through establishing good cooperative relations with direct and indirect customers, it continues to expand market share, and makes every effort to meet customer needs with its excellent technical advantages

revidia company integrates the advantages of DSM and rogate, and mainly produces biological succinic acid. The registered trademark of the product is biosuccini, with a single month cost increase of 25.48%! um。 Biosuccinium bio based succinic acid products adopt the unique low pH fermentation technology of reverdia company, which not only ensures that customers produce high-performance bio based materials, but also effectively improves the negative impact on the environment. For more information, please visit

Rogate - dedicated to the best gifts of nature

rogate is an independent family enterprise engaged in the processing and production of global corn, wheat, potato, pea, microalgae and other plant raw materials. As one of the top five starch manufacturers in the world, rogate provides a series of products and solutions for customers in different fields, including human nutrition, cosmetic products, paper/paperboard, chemical biochemical industry and animal nutrition. The company has branches in more than 100 countries around the world, and 6800 employees worldwide have created about 3billion euros in annual sales for the company. Rogate company, which focuses on nutrition, health and phytochemistry, takes "based on the long term, be brave in innovation and achieve excellence" as the company's development strategy at the beginning when it needs to pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof in the middle beam platform, workbench and other areas of Chengdu electronic universal experimental machine, and pursues the company's purpose of "dedicating the best gift of nature to mankind". For more information, please visit

DSM – colorful technology, a better life

Royal DSM group of the Netherlands is based on technology and is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials worldwide. DSM has expertise in the fields of life science and materials science, and uses the unique combination of the two to continuously promote economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress, and create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM serves the end markets of food and health care products, personal care, feed, drugs, medical equipment, automobiles, coatings and paints, electronics and electrical, life protection, alternative energy and bio based materials, and creates sustainable solutions worldwide to promote the maintenance, enhance and ensure product efficacy and improve product performance. DSM's 22000 employees around the world have created about 9billion euros in annual sales for the company. The company has been listed on NYSE Euronext. For more information, visit

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