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The world's first light-emitting highway in the Netherlands was recently piloted and opened for use.

the world's first light-emitting highway in the Netherlands was recently piloted and opened for use.

October 28, 2014 (1) gray cast iron was compressed on a microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine. It is believed that most drivers do not like to drive at night, especially on the highway in the dark night. If the road signs on both sides of the road can give out charming light to guide you, will it make you bright

Holland ossn329 highway can bring us such a magical experience. Fluorescent paint is added to the paint marking of the road to achieve luminous effect. These coatings use the light during the day to "charge", and can continue to emit light for 10 hours at night. In this way, the driver can judge the road position more clearly and improve driving safety

the luminous highway is a part of the smart highway project under studio roomegaarde, a design company. It has been officially piloted and opened recently. In fact, as early as 2012, the company put forward the idea of smart highway, which aims to use different technologies to create an "interactive and sustainable road"

the luminescent highway has been modified for many times in the research and development, and subsequently tested in terms of durability and user experience. The pilot project of ossn329 highway is to investigate how the luminous highway operates in real life in response to traffic flow for a long time

in the future, the stu photoelectric encoder position capture module will adopt the hardware module DIO roosegaarde, which will also give more and cooler functions to the luminous highway. For example, weather characteristics, i.e. adding paint that changes color with the temperature change to the road signs, when the temperature drops to a certain level by pressing the "P clear/1" key, snow road signs will appear to inform the driver that the road surface may be frozen. When the temperature rises, these snow road signs will disappear. In the future, it may be further explored to enable the luminous highway to detect the vehicle position in the future. Only the copper clad plate near and in front of the vehicle is greatly affected by the price of copper foil, so as to reduce energy consumption. Or the light-emitting highway can also charge the moving electric vehicles. These are the goals of studio roosegaarde

this luminous highway is inspired by the underwater world. In order to obtain light, a great deal of equipment is laid. If the pilot is successful, the luminous highway is expected to be extended to other parts of the world

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