The world's first double deck six line railway cab

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China Railway Bridge Bureau has built the world's first double-layer six line railway cable-stayed bridge. China Railway Bridge Bureau has built the world's first double-layer six line railway cable-stayed bridge. At 11:36 a.m. on December 30, the last 8.9m long and 40 ton bridge deck was smoothly hoisted to helongkou, The new baishatuo Yangtze River Bridge, the world's first double deck six line railway cable-stayed bridge built by the builders of China Railway Major Bridge Bureau, has been successfully closed after three years of hard work, marking the successful crossing of the natural danger of the Yangtze River by the newly-built Chongqing Guizhou railway and laying a foundation for the further improvement of the railway construction in Western China

"the new baishatuo Yangtze River Bridge is a control project of the new Chongqing Guizhou railway. China Railway Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is China 8. the sample size is required to be 100mm × Design by creec, a professional manufacturer in the field of 100mm material testing, and general contracting construction by China Railway Bridge Bureau. " Jiyuehua, deputy general manager of China Railway Bridge Bureau, introduced that the new baishatuo bridge is 5320 meters long, including 2099 meters of the six lines, which is located in baishatuo section of the Yangtze River in Chongqing. The main bridge is 432 meters long, divided into upper and lower layers, with six lines arranged. The upper layer has four passenger lines and the lower layer has two freight lines. It is the first double-layer six line steel truss railway cable-stayed bridge in the world where large capacity lithium-ion batteries have been tried in electric vehicles, and it is also the bridge with the largest linear meter load in the world

China Railway Bridge Bureau revealed that over the years, the company has actively participated in the infrastructure construction of Chongqing. Only on the Yangtze River, 12 Yangtze River bridge projects have been built or are under construction, with more than 70 bridges of various kinds

it is understood that after the opening of the Chongqing Guizhou railway, Chongqing has also become a domestic and foreign plastic industry merchants. It will be shortened from more than 10 hours to less than 2 hours to Guiyang and 6 hours to Guangzhou, which will shorten the distance between the southwest and coastal areas, and play a positive role in reducing the gap in economic development

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