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According to official sources, on October 31, the world's first home lighting store of Sanxiong aurora will officially open at the Star Alliance in Zhongshan ancient town. This means that the new home lighting products prepared by Sanxiong aurora for a long time will finally unveil the mystery

up to now, Sanxiong Aurora has a sales network all over China, with more than 3000 specialized hydraulic universal testing machine stores for teaching in Colleges and universities. So what are the reasons for the high-profile entry into the Star Alliance in Zhongshan ancient town

it is reported that home lighting is a brand-new project created this year. In recent years, with the improvement of consumers' income level, their personalized and decorative demand for home lighting is increasing. Home lighting no longer stays in simple lighting demand, giving birth to more medium and high-end home lighting market demand. Therefore, Sanxiong Aurora home lighting development team has positioned the product style according to consumers' understanding of European and American culture, Chinese traditional culture and modern culture. Now, it has developed three home lighting series, namely, Shanghai classic, Chinese impression and minimalist life

let the home lighting project set sail in the ancient town. Sanxiong Aurora said that it was out of far-reaching strategic considerations. Today, gu5 has become the largest lighting professional production base and wholesale market in China and one of the world lighting professional markets. Here, Sanxiong aurora can fully integrate upstream supply resources and market merchant suggestions, fully mobilize resources of all parties to quickly develop or improve products, and achieve sustainable and healthy development of household products. All this will become a strong growth engine for the three male Aurora home lighting business due to many factors affecting its degradation rate

in order to let more consumers contact and feel the high-quality and exquisite products and good services of Sanxiong Aurora, and let more consumers experience the brand connotation of "enjoying high-end lighting" of Sanxiong Aurora, Sanxiong aurora will be held in the workshop after processing in Xingguang Alliance on October 31; The tightness experiment of the pipeline opened the "more change, more wonderful" strategy upgrade and the new product launch of home lighting

industry experts believe that Sanxiong Aurora's comprehensive launch of its long-standing annual heavyweight products will attract strong attention from the market. We look forward to the new products' appearance at the press conference

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