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1. How to choose a worry free decoration company? If you want to save some worry in the decoration process, please spend some money. There's no way to save your heart. It just depends on whether you choose it or not. Find a big decoration company to do it all. Generally speaking, the all inclusive price ranges from 500 yuan to 1000 yuan per square meter of construction area. No matter how expensive it is, it mainly depends on how you conceive and how to use materials. Big companies are so good. In order to ensure that his reputation is not damaged, one

1. How to choose a worry free decoration company

if you want to save some worry in the decoration process, please spend some money. There's no way to save your heart. It just depends on whether you choose it or not

find a large decoration company to do all the work. Generally speaking, the all inclusive price ranges from 500 yuan to 1000 yuan per square meter of construction area. No matter how expensive it is, it mainly depends on how you conceive and how to use materials. Big companies are so good. In order to ensure that his reputation is not damaged, he will take every customer seriously. So you can rest assured in terms of materials and workmanship. All you have to do is be ready to pay the money and accept it

2. How to save worry in decoration

another way is to invite a supervisor. A professional supervisor will be responsible for the main supervision affairs in the decoration for you. He will check for you from the perspective of professional technology, and will not involve the interests of the decoration company. All you have to do is pay the supervision fee at 5-10% of the contract amount. If you decide to hire a professional supervisor, you'd better let him intervene in the early stage of contract budget and engineering design. The opinions of the supervisor should be included in the decoration project. Although this is not his responsibility, his experience is beneficial to you

3. Why don't good decoration companies generally contract clearance

good decoration companies generally operate for a long time. They all explore their own feeding channels (their purchase price is much lower than our price), and even produce relevant raw materials, such as cabinets, doors and other semi-finished products. The acquired profits of the decoration company have been included in the quotation of these materials, although the quotation to the owner does not seem to be high. However, if the work is cleared, this part of the profit will be lost

in addition, if a large company is allowed to contract for clearance, the general asking price is very high (the company should maintain the same profit as the contract for labor and materials), which is difficult for the owner to accept. But the decoration company that doesn't include the cleaning work may not be a good decoration company

large-scale decoration companies have their own entity companies, professional design teams, their own project supervision, and various professional construction teams. They won't look for someone to do the work as a small company. Of course, these management and operation costs will also be passed on to the owners. Moreover, personal satisfaction is also different. Small companies earning 4000 yuan will be very satisfied, while large companies earning 6000 yuan will not look up to it. This is the difference between large companies and small companies. This is one of the reasons why you have to pay more for choosing a large company

4. Post event matters of choosing a half package decoration company

if you decide to adopt the half package method, you are basically satisfied with the work of the assigned team. In the next step, when determining the contract, you should pay attention to the way of purchasing auxiliary materials

because the selectivity of main materials is relatively large, and generally, the material warehouse of decoration companies is not prepared for large main materials, and the profit of main materials is very large, but the premise is that it will occupy a lot of funds and sites. Decoration companies generally do not have this strength and energy, so decoration companies will recommend to you to adopt the half package method, and decoration companies almost have their own auxiliary material warehouses

because the profit of auxiliary materials is also large, the profit margin of many auxiliary materials is much higher than that of main materials (because the unit value is low). If possible, you should do everything possible to ask the decoration company to purchase key auxiliary materials in your designated mall, such as latex paint, wood paint, large core board, plywood, 108 glue, etc. Often in this negotiation, the ugly face of the decoration company will be exposed, because every time you transfer a material, it is like digging his heart, and some decoration companies will collapse. But you can't waver. You must reduce the value of the budget excluding materials to about the price of cleaning, and then make appropriate additions depending on the quality of the decoration company. This is a complicated and necessary process

in addition, have you ever thought about tinting latex paint in shopping malls? If you adjust the color in the mall, the decoration company generally will not change the package, and you color in the mall, and let the mall reserve a color palette, which will also facilitate you to supplement the color in the next step without color difference

5. How to choose an excellent cleaning team

there is no other way. You can only choose more and see more. Don't rush to sign the contract. Be sure to take more decoration companies you choose to see how good the work is. Remember the address and go alone again to ask the owner about the construction situation and satisfaction of the workers. The decorated owners are more worried about the problems of the construction team in the later maintenance, so they generally don't say that their work is bad in front of the workers. When necessary, it is necessary to find out who is doing well in the selected team, and let the foreman give priority to use it. This is a necessary means to ensure a good job

in addition, friend introduction is also an important channel, and friends will not deceive you

6. Decoration precautions of the contractor

if the decoration method of the contractor is selected, there are generally the following modes of operation:

(1) the owner authorizes the decoration team to purchase materials: unless you know the root and bottom, you will be 100% profitable by using this method

(2) the owner purchases materials by himself according to the recommended brand of the decoration company: it is feasible, but you should carefully analyze the materials recommended by him, because there are many materials, and the manufacturer makes an article on the material rebate. In the past, he directly took money after the workers brought back the purchased materials, but now he puts hard money in the materials so that the workers can get money when they work

(3) the owner purchases all materials by himself: no problem, but it is also easy to have accidents, such as the materials are transferred, and what's more, the workers and materials are missing together

(4) the owner must calculate the consumption of self purchased materials in detail and reach an agreement with the workers in advance, otherwise he will be annoyed if he says that the materials you buy are not enough. After setting the consumption, man-made waste can be avoided

(5) the payment of wages must be paid for each process after the completion and acceptance of each process. Generally, the cleaning team will propose to pay the board expenses in advance, which won't cost much

(6) don't transfer unused main and auxiliary materials to the site early, which is inconvenient for construction, inconvenient for management, and easy for workers to mess up the established process. Generally, it is advisable to put the materials in place one day before the next process

7. Workers' attitude

people are inert, which is justifiable. As an owner, it is necessary to fight against workers' inertia. In order to reduce labor and save costs, workers will come up with many tricks:

change three times of putty to two times; Change three times of wood primer into one time; Do not polish what should be polished; Slotted without waterproof; The buried pipe is not clamped and fixed; Wire circuit is omitted; Wood keel is not painted with anti-corrosion oil; The cement grade is not strong enough; In order to work fast, the cement grade is too high, and the tiles will crack after drying

the relationship with workers should not be too good or too bad. Too good, he will feel you bully, work to deal with; It's too bad. If he does something bad for you in the project, you will feel that it's like a child's trick, but it's fatal for your house decoration

in a word, the whole process of house decoration is like engaging in a social science research. No one can say that he has graduated and studied thoroughly. There are more things waiting for us to explore and think. Want to live in a small home of your own ideal? Then join the class first and study hard. Hey hey ~~




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