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For ordinary families, home decoration is particularly valued because of its large one-time investment and long replacement cycle. Reasonable interior design, correct material selection and excellent construction quality are the guarantee of a comfortable home environment. There is no doubt about the construction quality. The choice of materials varies from person to person. How can the interior design be perfect? In today's house design is the trend of small bedrooms in the hall, rational use of space and corners is one of the eternal themes

1. Bedroom design layout:

the general master bedroom is about 15 square meters. Remove the master's bed, place a set of furniture of any combination, and then put some flowers and plants to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. If there is a balcony, you can decide whether to seal it according to the master's taste. The secondary bedroom is generally about 10 square meters. It is used as a child's bedroom or guest room. It is mainly in a simple and lively style. You can make a closet or bookcase on the partition wall to save space

2. Design layout of living room

relevant departments once stipulated that in houses designed after 93, the area of the living room should not be less than 13 square meters, so the current living room is at least 16 square meters, and the new room type has reached 25 square meters. Whether the design of the hall is reasonable or not is the key, and diversified design is essential. If there is no closet in the room, a large cabinet should be made at the angle between the door or a large hanging cabinet should be made near the upper part of the door to place some winter supplies, and a dining table should be placed on the side of the kitchen (if possible, the kitchen should be changed into a semi closed one and isolated with a low cabinet), Make some hanging cupboards appropriately above the side wall of the kitchen and bathroom (don't do it all around, which will make the living room appear narrow)

3. Kitchen design layout

the kitchen should not use a straight line type, because it is the most uneconomical and does not conform to the cooking line of the kitchen. It should use L-shaped, U-shaped or “ Birds ” L-shaped (only suitable for the export room type of the chef in the hall), L-shaped is suitable for kitchens below 5 square meters. Refrigerators, sinks and stoves are reasonably allocated into a triangle shape. Some hanging cabinets are made at the top and hidden cabinets are made at the bottom, which generally allows two people to work at the same time. The U-shaped uses kitchen utensils to surround three walls, and the rest are similar. Due to the complete configuration of kitchen cabinets, it is suitable for kitchens above 5 square meters& ldquo; Birds ” Based on the U-shape, a large cooking table is placed in the middle, which is separated from the surrounding like a bird. The kitchen with this layout is at least 20 square meters

4. The design and layout of the bathroom

should make full use of the separation wall. You can make a mirror cabinet on the wall, and place soap boxes, paper boxes, etc. in the wall. If it is about 2 or 3 square meters, you can use a fully enclosed ceiling. If it is more than 4 square meters, it is neither economical nor affordable to use a fully enclosed ceiling. You can divide the bathroom into two parts, and vertically close one side of the bathtub, and the ceiling above the bathtub, so that you don't feel cold when bathing in winter, Make a large hanging cabinet on the upper part of the other side, where you can put some miscellaneous utensils such as rain gear and washing supplies




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