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Natural wood, cold stones, soft colors, fragrant fragrance, curling water mist, and various elements as quiet and harmonious as breathing are close together here. A spa style bathroom can meet all your imagination of relaxing your body. Now, this kind of enjoyment is no longer an occasional luxury. Spend more time in the bathroom, and change the details of the bathroom by referring to the method of home decorators in this issue. You can also do Spa at home every day

log is a commonly used material in spa style bathroom. Those mottled colors and lines from nature can make you smell the elegance of the exclusive forest and form a bathroom space full of natural spirituality

yellco spent 400 yuan in the second-hand market to buy a simple and chic bathroom cabinet, but the low-cost baby lost its paint seriously, and the dark red it presented seemed to have nothing to do with the spa style. Her practice was to use sandpaper to thoroughly grind off the original paint, and re brush it with light oil paint to make it present a kind of wood color. Yellco told reporters that if you want to make your home feel like natural wood, you might as well buy a kind of imitation wood grain tool handle in the paint section of the building materials market. With the color of paint and smooth wood surface, you can easily create a new furniture that looks like the original wood. In order to protect the wooden platform, she also painted a layer or two of polyurethane waterproof paint on the outside, which is both durable and beautiful. Relevant supplies for spa, such as soft towels, bottles and cans filled with aromatic essential oils, handmade soaps and bath salts of different shapes, are neatly placed in this cabinet processed by her, which is extremely convenient

decoration experience: wooden furniture and decorations with Oriental colors can make the bathroom equipped with spa style. Country style chairs, stools and simple wooden shelves are good choices. When choosing, you should consider the area of the bathroom and choose the appropriate size. Friends who want to save money can also refit old furniture by themselves

"I especially like the sense of security lying in it, which makes me think quietly." Like the hero's attachment to the bathtub in the American TV series kyclexy, showsa made up her mind to order a simple marble bathtub (2999 yuan) from the Internet, together with the coffee mosaic paved wall, which has unique meaning

however, the bathroom has special environmental conditions, which are not only rich in moisture, moisture, mold and dirt, but also frequently exposed to detergent and other daily-use chemicals. The bathroom stone is very vulnerable to pollution. Once it is not well maintained, the surface of the stone will be corroded, become dim, and even appear color spots and lines. In order to take care of the stone bathtub, showsa found the information and polished the baby by herself. The specific method is to mix the two components of polishing powder and polishing liquid into a paste, smear it on the surface, and then prepare to polish it. Because there is no special polishing pad at home, she uses the non-woven fabric commonly used in the kitchen with polishing products to polish it, and the lighting effect is also very good. She suggested not to use fine sandpaper, because it would make the stone surface slightly scratched, but more difficult to deal with. It's best to do it after a period of use, usually once a year. Don't wait until the stone is seriously damaged before polishing and maintenance

decoration experience: marble used in sanitary ware should be hard and dense. Try to prevent the use of marble with soft material and high water absorption. It is best to choose polished surface processing, and do protective treatment before use, so that it can be compared with good protective stones, and it is easy to clean, and light colored stones can withstand slight pancreatic water pollution better than dark colored stones, It is best not to use green serpentine and black marble in the bathroom and bathroom





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