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From July 8 to 11, 2016, Mengtian wooden door appeared at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo with its new products, attracting many exhibitors and dealers to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2016, Mengtian wooden door with its new products appeared at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo, attracting many exhibitors and exhibitors to come to the exhibition hall to inquire and negotiate cooperation. This time, the reporter of Huiya information home hotline interviewed Yang Yuhai, executive vice president of Zhejiang Mengtian wooden door sales Co., Ltd. president Yang said that in order to meet the huge demand of the market, Mengtian will prepare to build a smart factory to further improve production capacity, reduce costs and optimize product quality. This will be a solid step for Mengtian to achieve the strategic goal of "ten billion Mengtian". Mengtian will continue to adhere to innovation and make contributions to the development of the industry

on site interview guests: Yang Yuhai, executive vice president of Mengtian wooden door Group Co., Ltd.

wooden door world: Hello, President Yang! Could you please make a brief introduction to the new products of Mengtian at this exhibition

President Yang: Mengtian wooden door has been famous for focusing on high-end wooden doors for 27 years, and this year we have brought extensions related to wooden doors, such as wallboards, ceilings, bedroom background walls, wardrobes, wine cabinets, cabinets, etc. These products have been made for many years. Before that, we were positioned as high-end wooden doors, so this is the first time for the exhibition of extension products. We plan to launch a new product launch around September in the second half of the year, when more new products will be offered to our customers

wooden door world: Mengtian now has more than 1200 stores all over the country. How does Mengtian respond to such a large number of demands

Mr. Yang: our innovation in production is continuous: designed in 2012, prepared for construction in 2013, the production capacity of branch 4, which was launched in 2014, has reached 1600 fans per shift, and the production capacity of two shifts has reached 3200 fans. It is already the assembly line with the highest production capacity in China, but this can only be regarded as reaching industrial 3.0. The third branch we are planning is planned to reach the industrial level of 3.5

No. 4 branch adopts flexible customized assembly line production, that is to say, the model, size, tree species and color of each door flowing on the assembly line are different. This method belongs to mixed flow production and is still produced by assembly line, but the efficiency is greatly improved and the cost is also reduced

the third branch basically reached the level of smart factory. There are only relevant maintenance personnel in the workshop, and there are no operators. All operations are automated, including the final packaging. There is a camera in front, which records the size after taking photos, and a board cutting machine in the back, which cuts the corresponding large-size packaging cardboard and packs it automatically, which is very efficient. However, the production cost is also very high. We will further study how to reduce costs, improve product quality and greatly improve efficiency. We will also study how to improve the utilization of raw materials. This is the contribution that Mengtian has made to the industry for 27 years. It has been committed to constantly breaking through the limits and challenging higher standards and goals

wooden gate world: it is understood that Mengtian put forward the strategic goal of "ten billion Mengtian" in April this year. Is there a specific implementation plan

president Yang: Mengtian's annual fiscal year starts in March. All our early work has been basically planned, and the strategic goal of "ten billion Mengtian" was first announced at the annual meeting. Everyone was shocked to hear this plan, and felt that it was incredible to achieve ten billion in the whole household industry

however, since it is called strategy, we can't just have ideas. The strategy should have a corresponding implementation path, step by step planning, and how to reach 10 billion. We have carefully decomposed and deployed all work nodes, and the work priorities are different every year. The realization of "ten billion dreams" depends not on a slogan, not an illusory dream, but on the solid work of all dreamers. The chairman led the company's executives to design strategies to achieve goals, and we have very specific implementation plans for specific things

wooden door world: what do you think of the current development of the wooden door industry? Which words can be used to summarize it

president Yang: I don't think it's easy to generalize with a few words, but we think that the Matthew effect will gradually appear in the judgment of the whole wooden door industry, which means more and more, less and less, until none. Matthew effect is irreversible and will appear in all industries. We judge that the wooden door industry will end brand integration within 5-10 years, so we have the confidence to shout out the grand goal of "ten billion dreams"

at present, there are tens of thousands of wooden door manufacturers in China, with numerous brands and disorderly competition. We are willing to lead this industry and make contributions to it. But in this cruel competition, some people will surely fall behind and die out. The so-called "one will become famous forever". The process of brand concentration is the gradual rise of large enterprises, while small enterprises will gradually disappear due to lack of competitiveness, environmental protection, efficiency, or brand height. We will adhere to the brand positioning in the industry and firmly strive for the direction, "ten billion dream" is completely sure to achieve





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