50000 challenges 124 square meters, three bedroom

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In my opinion, if I invite a professional home decoration design company, they will invisibly charge a lot of fees. I do everything by myself based on the principle of practicality and being able to realize some of my ideas. Including buying a nail or wire

house type: 3 bedrooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms

area: building area 124p, indoor practical area 103p

total decoration cost: about 50000 (including: labor cost 12000, floor tiles, wall paint, cabinets, doors, decoration materials, consumables)

decoration experience: decoration is not as hard as I imagined, it is a kind of fun. If I have another house, I am willing to give full play to my imagination, Decorate in a different style

no more nonsense, hurry to the above figure:

there is no big problem with the house type, the north and South are transparent, the living room has a balcony, and both bedrooms have floating windows. It should be in good order

floor: 8th floor

when buying a house, I saw a lot of real estate. Finally, everyone was optimistic about this building, so I bought it. We bought a 2-hand blank room

the last photo of the blank period is from the living room

you can see the balcony on the living room. The kitchen is in the doorway on the right hand side of the entrance door. There is a non bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen. And we think this wall can be opened, that is, it can be used as an open kitchen

so, 1 The traditional pattern will be broken, which is what we hope 2 After getting through, the interior will be more spacious. 3 The only worry is that the kitchen lampblack

decided to open after negotiation




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