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Lighting industry ushers in new business opportunities

recently, "stall economy" has been a hot topic. According to relevant statistics, the reading volume of topics related to "stall economy" on Weibo has reached more than 1.2 billion. The heat of the stall economy has virtually brought fire to some industries, including the lighting industry. Industry insiders believe that the stall economy and night economy complement each other, "there is night, you need light". The light is not 6. The fly ash used in cement and concrete can only illuminate the sidewalks and stalls at night, but also create an atmosphere, attract people, and bring consumption. The rise of stall economy can be said to activate the urban night lighting economy to a certain extent, and bring new business opportunities to the lighting industry

"lighting up" night economic lighting has become a rigid demand

at the beginning of the Lantern Festival, night markets in the urban area began to gather, and the sound of peddling rose one after another, especially lively. The night market is the essence of a city, which records the leisurely attitude of the city and makes the city more vibrant

as one of the important measures to launch a new round of consumption upgrading with strong anti-interference ability, the "night economy" has become a livelihood project to expand consumption, prosper the market, create jobs and meet the living needs of residents. Especially under the epidemic, reviving the "stall economy" and promoting the "night to ensure that it can smoothly carry out the high-speed printing room economy" have become a top-down policy guidance, which is the foundation of people's livelihood to promote economic development and release people's consumption demand

night consumption behavior needs the most basic light guarantee. Lighting up the night economy is inseparable from light assistance. With the rise of night economy, urban lighting projects are also constantly updated. Various cultural and tourism lighting and landscape lighting not only illuminate the city, but also "illuminate" the culture. Today, the "stall economy" is making a comeback, and mobile lamps suitable for stall lighting, such as emergency lights, solar energy lights, portable lights, flashlights, headlights, led charging lights, mobile power supplies, are also favored

insiders said that stable, energy-saving and pleasing lighting technology and lighting equipment have become the rigid demand of night economy. The greater the intensity of economic activities, the more obvious the brightness of the light

policies across the country have increased the size of the lighting industry or the wind outlet

in order to cope with the employment crisis under the impact of the epidemic, all parts of the country have loosened the "stall economy" to further promote the recovery and development of night economy

Fujian Province launched the "nine measures on further promoting the development of night economy", which proposed to "activate night commerce and markets", "encourage major business districts and characteristic business streets... Appropriately extend the business hours, and open late night business areas, 24-hour convenience stores, late night canteens and other characteristic catering blocks"; Zhejiang Province issued the notice on the establishment of provincial night economy pilot cities to strengthen the overall planning and layout of night economy, create a landmark nightlife gathering area, innovate the business mode of night economy, improve the level of urban comprehensive supporting support, and optimize the night business and consumption environment; Tianjin issued the "ten major projects for the development of night economy in Tianjin", which proposed to give full play to the advantages of "prime time" consumption activities at night, further enhance the vitality of the city, stimulate consumption potential, and stimulate economic growth...

on the other hand, in order to help economic development, many night market managers also extended the time period of night economy by extending the lighting time and increasing the lighting brightness, Let the majority of merchants take advantage of the extended period of time to make up for part of the losses in the early stage and help merchants resume production

where there are policy dividends, there are business opportunities. Under the policy overweight, many domestic lighting enterprises responded to the national policy, participated in the construction of "night stall economy", arranged the floor stall lighting business, and launched special products for floor stall economy and night market economy. Insiders said that although the new field of night stand lighting may be a "small business" for many lighting enterprises, it can greatly promote the vigorous development of night economy, and this trillion level market peak will become the next round of performance growth point for lighting enterprises and bring development opportunities to the lighting industry

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