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Light the lamp, fight hard and verify repeatedly only to ensure the authenticity of the data

Chen Zehui

Chen Zehui (left) refers to guiding the work of the census guide staff

Deng Lixing

Deng Lixing (middle) conducted a census visit to small and micro enterprises and self-employed households in the community

Foshan Huaxiang auto metal parts Co., Ltd

regard data quality as the life of census registration. This year, through pad input and collection, every report must be reviewed, training and exchange, reward mechanism and other measures, Danzao economic and general work paid close attention to the data quality and completed the fourth economic census task with high efficiency and quality

it is understood that more than 190 census workers in the town completed a "carpet" inventory of 17975 units in the inventory stage, with a search rate of 80.35%, ranking first in the region. There are 11427 self-employed households, and the total inventory is the largest among the three towns in the west of the South China Sea. According to the census record, in the census stage, Danzao Town completed the census registration of 5814 units, and successfully completed the registration of the fourth national economic census in Danzao Town

during the census, a large number of advanced models emerged in Danzao. In the naming activity of "the most beautiful ordinary people" in Nanhai District, chenzehui, a staff member of the Economic Promotion Bureau of Danzao Town, was rated as the top ten "stars of economic Popularization", Deng Lixing, a cadre of the two committees of Jinning community, was rated as the top ten "experts in economic Popularization", and Foshan Huaxiang automobile metal parts Co., Ltd. was rated as the top ten "excellent census objects". In this issue, let's listen to them tell the little-known census stories


<4. Touch key operation mode p> never let go of false data when you see tricks

Awards: the top ten economic and general star units in the South China Sea: Danzao Town Economic Promotion Bureau

more than 5500 units of economic census work should be completed within four months. After the Spring Festival this year, Danzao Town Economic census work entered the sprint stage, and the economic census workers started the busiest month. In order to do a good job in the census, all census workers in Danzao Town have started the working mode of "5+2" and "white + black". Considering that most of the team members are young mothers and temporary employees, Chen Zehui, the comprehensive statistician of the statistical line of the Economic Promotion Bureau of Danzao Town, took the initiative to sacrifice his personal rest time, went to villages (residences) and enterprises to guide, united with the "two members" of the census at all levels, and went all out to successfully complete the tasks of all stages of the census

As a comprehensive statistician of the statistical line of the Economic Promotion Bureau of Danzao Town and the leader of the comprehensive planning group of the census office and the linkage group of Jinsha District, Chen Zehui has participated in the second and third national economic census and other professional censuses such as population and agricultural census, and has rich experience in census work

"some enterprises are troublesome, some have incomplete information, and some think that the statistical economic indicators are for the purpose of increasing taxes..." Chen Zehui told the author that many community front-line census takers have reported that although it is the fourth national economic census, everyone's awareness is much higher than before, but there are still some self-employed households and enterprises who don't know much about it, have various concerns, or can't pay enough attention to it, This has also brought certain difficulties to the census work at the grass-roots level

based on this, Chen Zehui, who is responsible for overall planning and guidance, timely communicated with the census takers in villages (residences) and communities. If it cannot be solved in the village, go to the village (residence) or community in time to guide and demonstrate hand-in-hand to help the census taker solve the problem. For example, the original information and data of the report provided by a hardware accessories factory located in the Western Union community are unknown. The community census taker has repeatedly visited the site to register. The person in charge of the enterprise always said that the boss was not in and casually found a worker to deal with it. Compared with the original data filled in by the factory, Chen Zehui found that the income filled in by the factory was far lower than the actual income by understanding the income and expenditure of the factory, such as warehousing, sales, number of employees and income. After some persuasion and correction, the person in charge of the factory filled in the income again, which was more than twice the original

the incomplete data of stores and base books is also a difficulty encountered in the economic census of gear rods, gears, pointers, and wires that should be changed and cleaned in the force measuring part. There are many stores in Danzao and Jinning communities, so it is difficult to find actual business places. "The store operator is usually contacted through the owner." Chen Zehui also said that shell enterprises have also increased the workload and difficulty of the census. Many units have gone bankrupt, cancelled or moved, but they are still in the bottom book, which is inconsistent with the number of units actually checked out, and even the address of some units is not detailed, making it difficult to locate them in specific census areas. To this end, Chen Zehui inquired about the specific information of the enterprise from the tax, industry and Commerce and other departments, compared the list he had, and strived to find out the inventory registration list without leaving a "dead corner"

repeatedly verifying false data

ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the collected census data is one of the priorities of the economic census. Chen Zehui never let go of the false census data found in the review. He personally went deep into the census objects to verify again and again, so as to correct any mistakes, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of the census data

in order to ensure the quality of census data, Chen Zehui first obtained the existing information of the enterprise through the use of pad machines and other channels, prepared in advance, and then checked with the other party with the information. It is worth mentioning that, in order to do a good job in checking omissions and filling vacancies, and to maximize the comprehensiveness of the census and the authenticity of the data, this year, the Economic Promotion Bureau of Danzao Town made a self-made census form, and the economic census takers of each census area recorded the census form data twice, which was monitored and reviewed in real time through multi department data collision

in addition, Chen Zehui has done a lot of overall coordination in the establishment of institutions, implementation of funds, selection and employment of "two members", formulation of plans, publicity and mobilization, organization and training, unit inventory, census registration, etc. In order to do a good job in the census, Chen Zehui also took the initiative to sacrifice his personal rest time and use his own vehicle to guide villages (residences) and enterprises, set an example, and united the "two members" of the census at all levels to work together and spare no effort to successfully complete the tasks of each stage of the census

Deng Lixing

household registration goes up against difficulties, data review and research

Awards: the top ten economic and general experts in Nanhai District: Jinning community, Danzao Town

saw the sky at 2 a.m., spent more than a month on weekends, and devoted herself to economic census work... In the face of difficult liquidation work, tight time and heavy investigation tasks, Deng Lixing, a cadre of the two committees of Jinning community, never pushed up or down, Lead everyone to eliminate difficulties and solve problems with high standards. And one of her most common words is, "I'll do it."

win the trust of census objects

industrial activity units, economic indicators of enterprise legal persons, PDA entry... Recalling the first time she participated in the work of economic and General Administration in 2008, Deng Lixing said that those professional terms had confused her

for this reason, Deng Lixing actively studied professional knowledge in the training, became familiar with the census system, kept the census process in mind, mastered data indicators, wrote down the unclear knowledge points one by one, went home and looked at the training materials and notes again and again to refine solid basic skills. At the same time, she followed the census taker into the house, found out the existing problems and various data, and grew up in practice. Since 2008, she has successfully completed four economic censuses

this year, in addition to household census, Deng Lixing is also a census instructor in the two census areas of Jinning community and hardware industry base. She is proficient in the understanding of census plan, PDA registration process, saving, uploading, backup and other businesses. When enterprises encounter filling problems, they always solve them in time after consulting her. "If you encounter a problem that I don't understand, write it down in time and communicate with the town census taker to understand it." Deng Lixing said

at the same time, Deng Lixing also paid attention to promoting the specific work of economic census to enterprises. She has organized and carried out enterprise census symposiums in batches and stages, and irregularly held business knowledge Q & A meetings to solve enterprises' problems about census work, laying a solid business foundation for economic census

in Deng Lixing's view, winning the trust of merchants is the key to the smooth development of the work. "If I meet some new merchants who have moved in or don't know, I try to find a 'common friend' to approach them." Deng Lixing said that if you really don't have common friends, you can also find the resident committee staff familiar with the merchant to register the fixture used to clamp the experimental piece during the household tensile test. Thanks to the benign communication with the census objects, Deng Lixing won the trust of enterprises and merchants in her jurisdiction and successfully and efficiently completed the economic census

make every effort to ensure the authenticity of the data

report various statements, register and verify the census information door-to-door, learn the census business, summarize the feedback information of the census taker, and guide the work of the census taker... As the specific person in charge of the community economic popularization, Deng Lixing is deeply significant. She collects it during the day and reviews it at night. She also needs to pay a timely return visit to the problems found in the check

Deng Lixing said that when the census objects did not cooperate, she would run one after another until the census objects filled in. One of the hardware factories didn't cooperate very well. In order to ensure the authenticity of the data, she called more than ten times and ran three times

in the later work of zoning and listing the inventory data, checking omissions and filling vacancies, Deng Lixing started the "5+2" and "white plus black" working mode, reviewed the reported data one by one, speculated on the indicators in the table item by item, and actively communicated with the township census office about his uncertain matters. Especially during the critical period of the four classics general inventory, she did not sleep before 12:00 for three consecutive weeks. Once, in order to complete the data review, I worked overtime until 2 a.m. and went to work the next day as usual without complaining

Huaxiang company

fully cooperate with the verification and actively publicize the work of economic popularization

Awards: the top ten excellent economic popularization target units in Nanhai District: Foshan Huaxiang auto metal parts Co., Ltd.

Danzao Town, as a scientific and technological innovation town in Nanhai District, has rapid industrial development and many industries. The economic census needs the support of enterprises. Foshan Huaxiang auto metal parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxiang company") not only actively cooperates with relevant departments in the work of economic census, but also explains the importance and significance of the census to peer enterprises, so that after they have a thorough understanding of the economic census, they actively cooperate with the statistical department to successfully complete the economic census

actively report real data

during the fourth national economic census, Huaxiang company actively cooperated with the work arrangement of the statistics department, participated in training meetings, and provided real and complete data. Huang Shulian, an employee of Huaxiang company in charge of the census, previously worked in the community neighborhood committee and participated in three economic censuses. She is a census taker with great work experience

Huang Shulian, who changed from census taker to census object, quickly cooperated with the census taker's registration information, including the collection of basic data such as enterprise name and code, business license, tax registration, organization code certificate, etc., based on his previous rich experience in economic census

after receiving the notification and economic census proposal sent by the census taker, Huang Shulian immediately reported these materials to the company's leaders. The leaders attached great importance to this work after receiving it, and required that they must fully cooperate with the work arrangement of the Bureau of statistics and work in the company

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