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Lihua International Corrugated exhibition will appear again in Shencheng in March next year.

from March 28 to 31, 2007, the Sino corrugated Exhibition (Sino corrugated 2007) will be grandly opened again at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai. After experiencing the explosion of the previous year, we strive to find a higher breakthrough...

nearly 2200 standard booths, with an exhibition area of 34500 square meters, More than 500 exhibitors... This will be the largest and most influential professional corrugated box industry event in the world in 2007, and will certainly attract widespread attention in the industry. Many professionals in the industry can witness the rapid development of China's corrugated box industry through this exhibition

looking at the domestic corrugated industry, China's corrugated industry is entering a new stage of development, containing unlimited business opportunities and potential, which cannot be separated from the support and promotion of mature and professional exhibitions. Although there are many comprehensive printing and packaging exhibitions in China every year, there are still few professional corrugated box exhibitions. It is in this environment that 2007 Lihua international corrugation exhibition, with its unique innovative perspective, meticulous value-added services and comprehensive industry information, has built a convenient, efficient, communication and mutually beneficial bridge for the majority of exhibitors, visitors and buyers, and has become the most anticipated event in China's corrugation industry in 2007. This is by far the largest and most comprehensive corrugated industry exhibition in the world, and a more complete and broader international corrugated box trade platform is about to emerge

international event global attention

the organizer Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has been aiming to provide a broader space for the global corrugated industry in today's global economic integration. At present, the vigorous development of Lihua international corrugation exhibition has attracted common attention all over the world. Asian corrugation Industry Association (ACCA), American independent corrugation Processors Association (AICC), Spanish packaging and Printing Machinery Manufacturers Association (amec-envasgraf), Italian printing, paper making and paper processing machinery manufacturers association (acigma) and other industry associations have expressed that they will participate in various forms Support this Lihua international corrugation exhibition, unite strong countries, and raise funds to form transnational strategic alliances. Its degree of specialization is unparalleled

the four-day exhibition focuses on exhibition and exchange, and is accompanied by a number of characteristic activities such as corrugated industry technical lectures, corrugated box production series training, corrugated industry summit forum, corrugated box production troubleshooting, excellent corrugated boutique display, all of which are to interpret and show a new exhibition mode, that is, to let buyers find suitable sellers. International buyers can go through many cumbersome links and have the most direct dialogue and negotiation with domestic sellers directly; Domestic manufacturers can also adjust their production and strive for more orders by understanding the needs and information of the international market. The organizers are well aware that only by promoting communication can we really promote trade. Based on the successful experience of three consecutive "Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition", this transformation will bring about more professional exhibitions and a more international trend in the domestic Beijing Olympic Games

well known enterprises jointly participate in the exhibition

in March next year, almost all the world's well-known suppliers in the fields of cardboard processing equipment and carton processing equipment, consumables and spare parts in the corrugated industry will gather in Shanghai, China, to display the world's leading carton and cardboard manufacturing equipment and related leading consumables. As of August, 2006, 91% of the booths have been snapped up by 249 exhibitors. At present, the hot booth sales have entered the final stage. Bobst, BHS, marquipwardunited, fosber, EMBA, IMG group - Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nanhai Oriental carton machinery industry Co., Ltd., Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., Ltd., tianjinyu Machinery Co., Ltd., Baowang Machinery Co., Ltd., Nantai Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai DINGLONG Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiwan Tangcheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Panyu Caiyi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd Qingdao Kaifa CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in the industry will appear in 2007 Lihua International Corrugated exhibition with an ultra luxurious lineup

insiders know that all manufacturers participating in Lihua International Corrugated exhibition will bring "real guys" at that time. All kinds of large machinery and equipment that are difficult to see at ordinary times will occupy the main positions of the major exhibition stands. The on-site demonstrations of exhibitors can bring the audience into a real corrugated production workshop, and its professionalism and authenticity are self-evident

audience organization is in full swing

to hold an exhibition that attracts global attention, it must have unique charm and highlights. In addition to attracting a large number of international and domestic well-known enterprises to settle in the exhibition, 2007 Lihua International Corrugated exhibition will naturally not relax the organization of professional visitors and buyers. This is a highlight of this exhibition and an important measure for Lihua to build a brand exhibition. At present, visiting groups from Italy, the United States, Spain, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions have expressed great interest in this exhibition, and have expressed their intention to carry out academic discussion, scientific research exchange, technical cooperation and product trading at the exhibition

the organization of the pre registered audience of this Lihua International Corrugated exhibition is fully entrusted to Huayin media group. In recent years, Huayin carton database has accumulated nearly 20000 resources of Huayin carton factory and tens of thousands of end-user resources. It is believed that with its strong industry appeal and authority, Huayin will attract many high-quality audience groups to the exhibition. In addition to the Mitsubishi f930 touch screen making full use of the great influence of China print media group in the corrugated packaging industry, the organizer also has a huge database accumulated by the Paris corrugated Exhibition for many years. At that time, more overseas professional buyers will be invited to the exhibition. At the same time, this Lihua International Corrugated exhibition has also received strong support from many foreign corrugated associations. They will organize professional visiting groups for the exhibition in their member units, which will expand the breadth and depth of professional visitors. Even with such advantaged "congenital conditions", the organizer has never slackened "the day after tomorrow's efforts". In order to attract more heavyweight professional audiences and buyers, the organizers have further expanded the channels of professional media organizations, "global corrupt industry", "corrupt packaging logistics", "board and corrupt board magazine", "corrupt industry", "international paper board industry", "commemorative album of the 15th Annual Meeting of maccma", "Proceedings of the annual meeting of the corrugated box Industry Federation of India" Well known media in the corrugated industry, such as the Quarterly Journal of the Taiwan Paper Industry Union and the Quarterly Journal of the Hong Kong corrugated paper manufacturers' Association, have made clear their cooperation plans. According to the current feedback from the pre registration form of visitors, the domestic and foreign visitors of this exhibition will break the historical record in terms of quantity and quality, and the reputation of the industry exhibition has been strongly confirmed again

source of information: Global corrugated box industry

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