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Lighting stage "top" wey vv6 intelligent headlights

with the gradual popularity of LED headlights, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to car lighting. Laser headlights are gradually sought after by the market, while matrix headlights with ADB function have been occupied by joint venture luxury brands. For Chinese brands, how to break the situation into operation disorder: mainly the function disorder of each button is a very thorny problem at present

just recently, wey brand released 2020 vv6 models. In this model, it not only carries laser headlights and ADB matrix headlights in Chinese brands for the first time, but also is equipped with pixel headlights as the world's first car. This is the first time that Chinese brand car companies "take the lead" on the global automotive lighting stage

the world's first show of pixel headlights

I still remember that the last ADB headlamp that impressed us most was the Mercedes Benz Maybach S-class matrix headlamp. When it comes to laser headlights, the most impressive products may come from BMW family. It seems that every lighting revolution with us is related to "BBA", and we are used to comparing "BBA" to becoming a leader and pioneer in the field of lighting

on the contrary, when we talk about the topics related to Chinese brands, it seems that we rarely have a deep integration with headlamp technology. Even though Chinese car companies, mainly BYD, great wall and Geely, have been actively laying out the field of automotive lighting, and our lighting design and technology have indeed made continuous breakthroughs, compared with the luxury brand camp, the thermal insulation performance of Chinese products, which have long been a follower, has been improved by 20%, which seems to be a little worse

this time, with the emergence of 2020 vv6 models of wey brand, Chinese brands have finally fought a turnaround in the field of automotive lighting. This battle can be said to be not only a turnaround, but also a bit of a carp jumping over the dragon's gate. Vv6 has not only become the first vehicle equipped with laser headlights and ADB matrix headlights of Chinese brands, but also won the first name of global car companies in terms of projection headlights. You know, whether OSRAM's 1024 plan or ti's DLP plan, we have seen the "auto show demonstration" for many years, and this time, the Chinese auto companies launched the first set of mass production plan. To be honest, I'm still a little excited

what is pixel headlamp: is it a projector

three options: lens, matrix/laser, and projection headlights

on the 2020 vv6 model of wey brand, which has just been launched, we have seen three different lighting matching schemes, among which the most mainstream is the standard version with lens headlights, as well as the high-level version with matrix ADB headlights and laser headlights, and finally the "dazzle technology version" with pixel headlights, We have just experienced the last two latest products at the Xushui proving ground in Baoding. The following is some technical details and actual subjective feelings I share with you about the experience

from the above figure, we can find that the three different headlights still have obvious differences in appearance. The first scheme is the standard version of conventional lens headlights and auxiliary lighting. The advantage of this version is that there is no option, and the whole system is standard

the combination of LED matrix headlights and laser headlights in the second model directly reaches the configuration of mainstream high-end luxury brands. The focus of this headlamp is more on the high beam auxiliary performance of laser and the intelligent shielding of matrix ADB headlights. Another is the excellent interpretation of polycarbonate insoles. Matrix headlights with ADB function can indeed make night travel more intelligent. If the dynamometer is not installed horizontally and safely before and after, It is also the most friendly to traffic participants

the last one, pixel headlights, you can see that its appearance is much different from the former two. It looks more like a movie player moved into the headlights. Although the original creative source of projection headlights is indeed related to projectors and projectors, it is not an easy thing if you want to put it into cars and enable it to achieve more road functions with cars

laser headlamp experience: the range/brightness is stronger

due to time and environmental reasons, we failed to experience more details of the 2020 vv6 ADB headlamp on site. We will have an in-depth interpretation for you after we get the test drive. Next, let's continue to watch the performance of laser headlights and pixel headlights

due to the sudden fog on the scene that night, the actual lighting effect will be affected to a certain extent, but we can still see that after the laser aid is turned on, the light column like the spotlight shines towards the center. In fact, subjectively, we can find that the characteristics of laser aid are somewhat similar to those of auxiliary spotlights modified by many off-road vehicles. Its main characteristics are very strong directivity, and then the illumination is very strong. But in terms of irradiation width, it is not the advantage of laser assisted headlights. We also know from the official data that when the vehicle speed reaches 100 kilometers per hour, the response gain brought by the laser assisted headlights can reach more than 15 seconds, which means that the car owner can find the situation in the distance earlier

talk about options: back to reality

the whole series of 2020 vv6 is equipped with all LED headlights as standard, while the only three models that can be equipped with headlights are Zhixiang, Zhixing and Zhiyu. What we have learned so far is that pixel headlights are the most expensive, 35000 yuan, laser headlights are 10000 yuan, and ADB headlights are only 3000 yuan. From the perspective of option cost, pixel headlights are really not cheap, and ADB headlights are the most cost-effective

but I think there is a premise to pay attention to: the minimum optional smart model costs 162000 yuan. Combined with this premise, even if you choose 35000 yuan pixel headlights, this car is only 200000 yuan, but it can give you the scientific and technological experience. Before this, only luxury brand high-end or top equipped models can give you. Whether it's worth it or not, I believe that for most people, there must be an answer in their hearts. Option must not be the choice of most people, but for some car owners who like to taste fresh food or want to experience the new experience brought by cutting-edge lighting technology, this "value package" may become a must

say: the counter attack of Chinese lamp factory

it has to be said that before the birth of vv6 pixel headlights, Chinese brands made rapid progress in the field of automotive lighting, but in fact, they have always been in the role of followers. With the birth of vv6 pixel Volkswagen, I believe that among Chinese brands, the competition for new lamp factories will become an inevitable trend. It is reasonable to believe that vv6 pixel headlights can only be regarded as the beginning. After that, the automotive lighting revolution will certainly intensify, and for consumers, the cost of enjoying technology will only be lower and lower. This is a major positive for every car consumer

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