Basic principles for preparing safety technical me

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Basic principles for preparing safety technical measures plan

(1) eliminate hazard sources

select hazard sources that are relatively dangerous and can be eliminated under the existing technical conditions, and eliminate them by selecting appropriate processes, technologies, equipment, facilities, reasonable structural forms, and selecting harmless, non-toxic or non injurious materials

(2) limit energy or dangerous substances

such as: reduce the amount of energy or dangerous substances, prevent energy accumulation, safely release energy, etc

(3) isolation

isolation technology can control energy or dangerous substances, prevent the occurrence or expansion of accidents, and reduce losses

(4) fault safety design

the function of fault safety design is to keep the system, equipment and facilities in a low-energy state and ensure safety within a certain period of time in case of failure or damage

(5) reduce faults and errors

reduce object faults and accidents by increasing safety factor, increasing reliability or setting up safety monitoring system. It can count steps, track heat consumption, and create interactive training

2. Safety technology to reduce accident losses

(1) isolation

separates the protected object from the accidentally released energy or dangerous substances. Isolation measures include separating, closing and buffering a large number of sufficient personnel, forcing enterprises to make diversion plans by the world's first market share

(2) personal protection

separates the human body from accidental release of energy or dangerous substances, which is the last line of defense to protect personal safety and wear resistance of polyoxymethylene

(3) set weak links

use the weak links designed in advance to release the accident energy according to people's intention and prevent the energy from acting on the protected person or object. Such as fusible plugs on boilers and fuses in circuits

(4) refuge and rescue

set up shelters to avoid injury or win time for rescue. Choose the evacuation route in advance and evacuate quickly in case of accident. After the accident, organize effective emergency rescue

in addition, the safety monitoring system is an important means to prevent accidents and reduce accident losses

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