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"Lihua international corrugation Exhibition 2008 China Exhibition" - showing the infinite charm of the world's leading corrugated technology

from August 28 to 30, Lihua international corrugation Exhibition 2008 China exhibition, sponsored by Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be grandly unveiled at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan, which is the largest and most comprehensive professional event in the domestic corrugated box industry in 2008. At that time, more than 300 well-known carton equipment and consumables suppliers at home and abroad will gather to display the world's leading carton and paperboard manufacturing equipment and related leading consumables. The new technologies, products and one-stop innovative solutions in the pre press, printing and post press aspects of the corrugated industry will be fully reflected on site. Any professional who comes to the scene will witness the rapid development of the global corrugated industry with each passing day, as well as the technical status and trend of the global corrugated industry market

with the smooth progress of Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 China exhibition, the gathering effect of the exhibition on domestic and foreign professional corrugated box equipment and consumables manufacturers began to appear gradually, and many industry leaders signed up for the exhibition, offering a grand feast of the global corrugated box industry to colleagues in the industry. At present, the booth has been declared sold out, creatively solving the major difficulties of coating with rust and the core problems of long-life weatherability in marine coupling environment. Many exhibitors who have participated in Lihua International Corrugated exhibition in the past have expressed their recognition and satisfaction for the previous exhibition results. They have determined the booth as early as the beginning of the exhibition, and have made great efforts in booth layout, exhibition publicity, etc. Facing the unprecedented tension of the booth, many exhibitors who failed to catch the last bus or further expand the booth due to time constraints showed great regret. They all expressed the hope that they could book the booth of the next exhibition as soon as possible and make preparations as soon as possible, so as not to let the regret repeat itself

corrugated board production line manufacturers perform enthusiastically

for carton enterprises, the comprehensive cost is largely determined by the waste rate and utilization rate of base paper on the production line. Therefore, the technical transformation and equipment transformation of the corrugated board line have become the focus. The main parts of the production line include glue making system, glue application system and double-sided machine system. If the key links of a production line are transformed well, the quality of paperboard can be improved, It can also reduce costs, which will inevitably improve benefits

as the exhibition stage of global corrugated box equipment, this Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 China exhibition will focus on well-known corrugated board production line enterprises at home and abroad. They will actively respond to this exhibition, attach great importance to it, and make full preparations. It is reported that BHS, Magui, Mingwei, Qingdao Kaifa, Qingdao Jiayou, Fuli, Wanlian, Desheng, Xijiang, Xieyang and other enterprises will display the latest technical highlights of the most advanced supporting equipment related to the tile line

printing slotting machine manufacturers made a high-profile appearance

in addition to the main role of corrugated board production line, enterprises in the field of printing slotting machine from overseas and domestic also participated in this event, which complemented each other and complemented each other. At that time, Taiwan Tangcheng, Shanghai Jinchang, Shenzhen Kefa, Guangzhou kesigo, Nantai industry, Shenzhen Jinshangxing and other enterprises have actively signed up for the exhibition. It can be predicted that at that time, the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan will show a magnificent scene of printing slotting machine manufacturers competing

full automatic die-cutting machine manufacturers actively participated in the exhibition

die-cutting machine and die-cutting technology have been a headache and trouble for many carton factories for many years. How to choose and buy die-cutting machine, solve this technical problem and improve the production efficiency of enterprises has become the focus of attention of the industry. At that time, international and domestic well-known automatic die-cutting machine manufacturers will enthusiastically participate in it, adding a lot of color to this Lihua International Corrugated exhibition. The collective appearance of famous manufacturers such as Bobst, Asahi, Xuheng iron, Nantai industry, Shanghai Yaoke, Qingdao micron and so on has attracted the attention of many people from paper box manufacturers. The organizers publicized and reported them on DM materials such as pre exhibition express and exhibit preview, Let these enterprises become the star enterprises that people pay attention to before they start

manufacturers of full-automatic cartons pasting machine add a lot of color.

as the most prestigious professional exhibition in the corrugated box industry in the world, Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 China exhibition will attract many world-renowned enterprises to show their leading products and related technologies in the field of cartons pasting, and some of their products will be unveiled to the public for the first time, giving people a refreshing feeling. Tanabe, Xuheng iron, Qingdao micron, Shenyang Jinchuan, Yongshun machinery, Junda machinery, Kunshan Yubang and other well-known manufacturers will show their new products and technologies on the scene with an ultra luxurious lineup, which has aroused the infinite expectation of the same industry, and an industry feast has thus kicked off

erp software manufacturers are not willing to be outdone. If they use formulas from abroad for direct production,

with the continuous development of China's economy, information technology will be widely used by more and more carton enterprises. Information technology plays an extraordinary role in the prepress production, procurement, production management and quality control of carton enterprises, which will be unmatched by traditional production methods, production management and quality control means. Esko-nsk, Qiwang, kaimeng, Kelian, Zhongwei, Bostone, Sijie and other ERP software manufacturers will bring their latest products to help carton enterprises taste the benefits of improving production efficiency and management effect from the application of information technology. I believe that the application of computer system to manage carton enterprises will be the general trend of the development of the times

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