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Lightweight auto parts center is established in Germany

a few days ago, a waste plastic recycling plant dedicated to lightweight vehicles, some of which have adopted remote monitoring, diagnosis and control center, has been officially established in Germany

the center is called automotivecenters ü dwestfalen (ACS), which is jointly invested and established by local universities and municipal authorities, and is equipped with a kraussmaffei injection molding machine

this equipment is capable of extrusion and injection molding at the same time. Klaus Murphy said that the unique advantages of the equipment are very important for the development projects to be rapidly implemented all over the world

ACS said, "on the one hand, the equipment can effectively reduce the cost; on the other hand, it can improve the cycle life and double performance; Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and produced products specially for lithium-ion batteries other than general graphene powder. Because it can produce the required mixture according to the situation, its flexibility is also very high. This is beneficial to the development of the project."

in addition, the equipment can ensure better melt uniformity and mixing effect, high injection volume and optimal part quality

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