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Lighting is still facing the challenge of "intelligence" in the era of intelligence

] the upsurge of artificial intelligence has swept the world for many years, and this head goose has already taken off with many domestic industries. As a field closely related to public life, home furnishing has already become a hot field of artificial intelligence, which has attracted much attention. Many businesses have written sloga (4) into other fields of enterprise sloga (4)%n, and people are moving towards the era of intelligence. In the field of intelligence, it has been favored in recent years because it plays an important role in improving the quality of life, working efficiency and management level

huge market scale

intelligent lighting benefits from the characteristics of digitalization and controllability. It can connect lighting products and components through wired and wireless communication technology, so that users can remotely control lighting equipment. It can also analyze users' habits through big data, dynamically perceive the internal conditions of buildings, monitor the energy consumption of lighting equipment, and meet the current development needs of smart green buildings, smart cities and so on. Therefore, intelligent lighting is not only applied in families, communities and buildings, but also extended to other scene fields

according to the statistics of China Business Industry Research Institute, the scale of China's intelligent lighting market increased from 1.9 billion yuan in 2005 to nearly 15 billion yuan in 2017, with an annual growth rate of about 25%. It is predicted that the market scale of China's intelligent lighting industry is expected to exceed 26billion yuan in 2020. In the face of such a huge intelligent lighting market, all entrants vie for help. In addition to a large number of lighting enterprises, IOT platforms, real estate developers, operators and new retail service providers have entered the market

drop test error rate; It is strictly forbidden to seriously impact the head mold without damaging the sensor; One of the main driving forces of smart city

Chen Yingchen, director of IOT system of Microsoft Asia, believes that: of course, intelligent lighting Lubrizol: medical grade TPU experts lead the material innovation of medical products, which is not only intelligent switches, but also intelligent lighting is the foundation of smart city. Specifically, turn the street lamp into an intelligent street lamp, and then connect the street lamp to form an Internet of things. At present, China's smart city development model is in the process of exploration. The number of pilot cities is increasing, and street lamps act as the entry point of smart city IOT

intelligent lighting system can not only improve the management and control level of urban lighting and achieve the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction, but also integrate video monitoring, environmental monitoring, disaster warning and other functions to provide technical support for urban informatization and intelligent management

intelligent lighting faces challenges

however, the intelligent lighting industry faces new development opportunities and challenges brought by technological upgrading. Its so-called intelligence is the general term of intelligence + ability, but at present, the ability of intelligent lighting products is more than enough, but the intelligence is insufficient:

at present, intelligent lighting only meets the most basic lighting functions, and is basically in a state of separation with other systems. Every action of it depends on the instructions issued by the user, rather than through interconnection with other systems, receiving information, and acting reasonably independently. The latter is exactly the proper intelligent lighting

at present, the future development of the intelligent lighting industry must at least cross the technical threshold, the experimental speed of 0 (3) 0 cycles/minute (can be set), the tacit speed: 20 times/subsystem threshold, and build a unified industry standard and control system, in order to usher in a new future

at present, we can't really say goodbye to traditional lighting. Perhaps when the nearly $60billion smart lighting market comes, we will find new possibilities for smart lighting, and these new opportunities will be jointly created by giants, platform companies and innovative enterprises

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