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Light environmental protection packing belt will lead the packing belt industry

until today, with the progress and development of society and the continuous progress of science and technology, and now with the progress and globalization of social economy, both the packing belt industry and the industry technology of enterprises have begun to mature slowly. Everyone pays more attention to beauty and precision than in the past, Judge the quality of a product from several aspects, such as the packing belt industry. From the most primitive straw rope twisted into a belt for packaging, to today's continuous improvement of the packing belt in the 21st century, yazhijiang's continuous improvement in the packing belt industry has brought China's packing belt industry into line with international standards, from manual belt to today's light environmental protection packing belt. For the development process of this industry in the past 30 years, For a long time, people's understanding of the packaging belt is only the ton of packaging belt. As long as the products can be packaged, the price is cheap, and more tend to be recycled packaging belt

today, with the development of China and the continuous expansion of the market, the packing belt is not only the ordinary main load-bearing axial force is used for the packaging of products. For example, in order to reflect the noble atmosphere of products, new material belt, transparent belt, printing belt and light environmental protection packing belt will be used. It is said that the raw materials of environmental protection belt are completely produced from polypropylene refined in oil, As PP polypropylene is an incidental product of oil, the price will certainly have an impact with the fluctuation of oil price

from the perspective of environmental protection, resources are limited, which requires all manufacturers to be able to recycle to save resources. However, environmental friendly packaging belts can't add any filling and impurity raw materials without adding pages. After being used, they can be processed and broken for the second production use. Often, only a small part of the recycled packaging belts we see can be processed and used. Therefore, today's environmental friendly packaging belts have been selected and used by thousands of factories to a greater extent, According to the long-term development, the environmental protection packing belt will replace the core one step by step

nowadays, many people are considering that the market price of new material packing belts is relatively high. Many people have the misunderstanding of approaching environmental protection packing belts, that is, light environmental protection packing belts are used to sell according to one roll. According to the conventional situation in the market, the price of pure material packing belts will generally be sandwich belts (recycled material packing belts) 1 Times the price, but it is also a ton of packing belt. The belt output rate of pure material belt (the actual length of packing belt) is 2. 5% of that of sandwich belt and recycled belt (yazhijiang company has broken through the limit of the market and reached 4.5 times the same annual income difference of about 1.2765 million). That is to say, the price of pure packing belt is actually much lower than that of other packing belts

generally speaking, one roll of light environmental protection packing belt of yazhijiang is equivalent to five rolls of ordinary packing belt in the market. The high price of these five rolls has far exceeded the market of environmental friendly lightweight packing belts. In some places, enterprises have reduced production capacity in proportion, and the market sales price is a lot. Finally, comparing the performance of pure material packaging belt with other packaging belts, the tension of pure material packaging belt with the same specification is twice that of other packaging belts, while the tension of yazhijiang light environmental protection packaging belt can reach three times that of products in the same market. Then from the appearance and use effect of packaging belt and recycled material packaging belt, the customer group, gloss, transparency, and color brilliance are not at the same point

The research group of Anyang Federation of Social Sciences conducted in-depth research on steel production enterprises, steel processing and steel using enterprises, trading enterprises and steel market in our city.

today, Sichuan Ziyang yazhijiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. digested and integrated advanced technologies in the world plastic machinery industry through repeated combination of theory and practice with the research group 6 of Sichuan yazhijiang science and technology R & D center and the class question group 3 of the technology department, At the same time, it avoids the technical defects of the plastic machine industry represented by Japan and South Korea; After 15 years, it has created a world-class intelligent PP lightweight packing belt production line, filling the blank of no lightweight belt production in the intelligent packing belt production line of the international plastic machinery industry. Compared with the same market, grams per meter is significantly reduced, reducing the use cost of customers. The 1 end of the equipped square is perpendicular to the scale of the scale on the drop bar, which needs to be high, and the market competitiveness is highlighted. For customers, 75% of the packing belt can be used sparingly. It has the characteristics of 75% of the same volume, 75% of the weight, 10mm of inclination, elongation at break ≤ 18%, and super strong breaking tension year on year. It is suitable for all kinds of packing belt machines

this production line has six competitive advantages: high efficiency (56% increase in output), energy saving (30% reduction in energy consumption), safety (man-machine integration design), environmental protection (no pollution), intelligence (intelligent control), economy (high cost performance)

development history of global packaging belt: manual packaging belt → semi-automatic packaging belt → fully automatic packaging belt → thin packaging belt → light belt

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