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How to uncover the plexiglass protective film

plexiglass protective film, I guess you must have heard the word. There has always been a problem, that is, how to uncover the plexiglass protective film, and is there any method to uncover the plexiglass protective film? Next, I'll show you how to uncover the plexiglass protective film

1. The protective paper on the plexiglass can be slowly torn off by hand first. If it is very tight, you can blow it against the cellophane with the hot air of a hair dryer for a while, and then tear it off by hand after the viscose paper is heated and expanded. If there is residual glue, the cloth dipped in balm can be slowly used for the production of chlorinated titanium dioxide and sponge titanium

2. For the self-adhesive marks on the surface of the plexiglass packaging box, we can apply the nail polish remover without grease on the plexiglass surface, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth; These traces can also be removed with industrial alcohol or gasoline, and safety protection is provided

3. Hand cream can also remove the self-adhesive on the surface of plexiglass products and products. Hand cream contains a large amount of water (generally more than 70%), and the water contains a certain amount of surfactant. Surfactant has good wetting, penetration and dissolution ability, and can quickly penetrate between the surface of self-adhesive and plexiglass products, so as to achieve the purpose of removal. You can also find some similar products, such as face cream, facial cleanser and detergent, have the same effect. When you tear off the kraft paper, you will occasionally leave some traces of self-adhesive. You can use the above methods to remove it safely and cleanly

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