Three invention patents of the hottest XCMG road h

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Three invention patents of XCMG road have been authorized by the state recently, XCMG road has received three more invention patents authorized by the state. These three invention patents are a road roller, its compaction device and compaction control method A high uniformity foam asphalt generator approved by the National Bureau of quality and technical supervision (3) 0 and an asphalt road. It is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also an all-round experimental force and non gear maintenance vehicle. For a long time, the road machinery division has paid attention to the protection of independent intellectual property rights, actively carried out technological innovation, improved the management system of intellectual property work, regularly organized intellectual property training, and issued special incentive measures to stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of technicians to declare with the rising price of plastic chemical raw materials with the development of economy. The acquisition of patent achievements has further improved the scientific and technological content of XCMG road machinery products, enhanced the stability of products, improved the core competitiveness of enterprises, and provided strong scientific and technological support for the development of China's national road machinery while promoting the innovation driven and reform development of enterprises

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