How to treat the wastewater discharged from the me

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How to treat the wastewater discharged from the metal industry

the main source of zinc in the wastewater of metal processing industry is the dragging solution of electroplating or pickling. Pollutants stored by new metal technology can often be transferred to rinsing water in the rinsing process 10 years in advance. The pickling process includes first immersing the metal (zinc or copper) in strong acid to remove the oxide on the surface, and then the removal method: remove the shaft rod wooden card board, grind and drag the bruised position on the surface with a knife, and then immerse it in the brightener containing strong chromic acid for brightening treatment

general wastewater contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid, heavy metal ions such as zinc and copper and organic brighteners, which are highly toxic. Some also contain highly toxic substances that cause cancer, teratogenesis and mutation, which are very harmful to human beings. Therefore, the electroplating wastewater must be seriously industrialized and recycled, so as to eliminate or reduce its pollution to the environment

treatment method of sewage treatment equipment

the electroplating mixed wastewater treatment equipment is composed of regulating tank, dosing tank, reduction tank, neutralization reaction tank, pH regulating tank, flocculation tank, inclined tube sedimentation tank, van type filter press, clean water tank, air flotation reaction, activated carbon filter, etc

process flow of sewage treatment equipment

electroplating wastewater is treated by internal electrolysis of iron filings. This technology mainly uses activated industrial iron filings to purify wastewater. When the wastewater contacts with fillers, electrochemical reactions occur. The national master plan for the next five years determines the development direction of China's national economy. Chemical reactions and physical effects include catalysis, oxidation, reduction, replacement, CO sedimentation, flocculation Adsorption and other comprehensive functions can remove various metal ions in the wastewater and purify the wastewater

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