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How to truly integrate Chinese cigarette packaging into national culture (1)

to some extent, packaging is culture, which is the process and result of extending products to a deep cultural interpretation with certain materials and forms. Relevant psychological research shows that when human visual organs observe objects, color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds, while body perception accounts for 20%; After two minutes, the color accounts for 60%, and the shape accounts for 40%; After 5 minutes, each half will be occupied, and this state will continue. It can be seen that the packaging gives people an impression of how fast, profound and lasting. The nationalization of packaging requires finding the language to interpret the national psychology and expressing the internal characteristics of this nation in the form of vision. Cigarettes need packaging before reaching the audience, so cigarettes need packaging; At the same time, cigarette is a special commodity. It is not allowed to have specific but targeted advertising language and image expression in these processes, so the packaging of cigarette is a special packaging. It has been shown that there are test data

"only national ones are human beings." Looking at the previous cigarette label design, we can find that our nationalization road is still a long way off. What is the main performance

the following is a simple analysis based on the history of cigarette label design

early cigarette label design is too westerly

style is an abstract statement. Specifically, design is composed of pattern, composition, color, shape and so on. In China, especially in Chinese folk, there are a lot of rich decorative languages. For example, use the word "Fu" upside down to express good wishes; Use the word "Xi" to express the meaning of "double happiness"; The clock and mirror are arranged to show the meaning of "lifelong calm". New Year pictures, with homophony and stories, fully show the historical and folk background of the nation. It is particularly worth mentioning that Chinese calligraphy and characters are not only rich in content, but also aesthetic in form. At the same time, color also has rich cultural connotation. However, the history of cigarettes in China is opened by foreign cigarettes, so it has congenital defects. At first glance, the earliest Chinese cigarettes have targeted the market at modern men and women who advocate western culture. The packaging design is also a swarm of people moving closer to the west, such as "stars" and "rich women", which directly exclude ordinary smokers. Even trademarks are in English. For example, "Snow White" is a direct imported trademark name. People smoke this kind of cigarette, vanity can be satisfied, pride? No

2. After localization, the regional label is too strong

just as Chinese people like extreme left and extreme right, after the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's cigarette industry has developed quite rapidly. At this time, there was a lack of imagination in cigarette packaging and trademark design. Here you are "West Lake smoke", here I am "Kaifeng smoke"; Just smoked "Xin'anjiang", and immediately came to support "daqianmen". The pattern is also the same. You have a door here and I have a mountain there. On the premise that the quality of cigarettes does not have much to do with the place of production, this practice of addressing cigarettes by place names only adds a regional label, which cannot explain the quality and image of products, and naturally cannot arouse people's more imagination. This is actually a too narrow approach, and the result can only be cigarettes produced and sold by themselves

three political traces are too heavy

if it is understandable and appropriate for national enterprises to emphasize the political significance of products at the beginning, then it is a little heavy to emphasize its political nature with the development of national chemical industry. Looking back at the cigarette packaging of the last century, there are brands such as "economy", "cooperation", and "peace", as well as "51" and "71". The cultural characteristics of enterprises are flooded and they are not in the far fetched understanding of current events. Smoking does not make people feel that it is a way to relax, but a process of receiving education again. Imagine smoking. 2. When classifying and introducing natural bio based high molecular materials, you can think of "loving people" and "loving people". Can you still relax

the facts also show that only those cigarette manufacturers who have a thorough analysis and positioning of corporate culture can establish their own image in the economic society and achieve rich economic benefits

(to be continued)

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