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Abstract beauty of field consciousness in Graphic Design II

II Plane mechanics can also be said to be a psychological state in which people have a certain psychological effect on various objects and images to achieve a certain connection. For example, in geometry, two points form a line and three points form a plane (Figure ④)

this psychological state not only strengthens the nature of each unit image, but also makes their relationship closely linked to the woodworking hammer. It contains dynamics and direction indication, and participates in the design of graphics with the same value as the object image, becoming the key link between the object and image in the design of graphics, and predicting the appearance of the field on the plane, according to Sibur

III The object image is the most direct bearer of the field setting. Its nature not only carries the graphics and meaning itself, but also its splicing and combination organically intersect with Plane Mechanics and space, which makes the field design from abstract to concrete and practical and become a new value and body

therefore, when dealing with graphics, whether it is abstract symbols or concrete photos, we can freely arrange and deal with its colors and forms suitable for the field consciousness, objects in different spaces and spaces with different histories, which can be suitable for the design combination of the field. Especially with the application of computer technology in graphic design, objects in graphics can be compressed, elongated, extruded, distorted, deformed, discolored, etc., forming an impossible form in real society, which is different from the traditional spatial concept of distance, color, size and instant image held by human eyes. According to Bauhaus' design thought, "the purpose of design is people, not products". In order to attract attention, objects can be designed as curious as possible, creating visual diversity and vitality, giving people a new vision. "Ma Zhanfeng, vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, expressed his excitement to the first finance and economics

in addition to the cultural significance of logical thinking, words should also become objects as a part of the graphic design under the field consciousness. You can also set a word directly as a field and deduce graphics again, such as an English letter: "O" can enlarge it into an oval field, and the space limited in "O" can shape another object or space, which can be real or fictional, People can recognize the existence of the letter "O" from this figure, which leads to an associative visual thinking space with profound meaning

in modern design, words naturally have the meaning of decorative patterns, and their groups have more graphic effects. Many designers like to use the wonderful character of words in various fields of graphic design. Japanese contemporary design artists have formed a strong group due to their extensive use and deepening of words, which leads the design trend of the Japanese generation and has a far-reaching impact on China's graphic design

the three elements of the field described above are interrelated and blend with each other, and objectively act on people's inner responses, such as reasoning, judgment, experience, analysis, beauty and ugliness, so as to make the psychology reach a certain state: free or shackled, painful or uneasy, happy or satisfied. The function and state of the heart is called spirit by Zhuang Zi. Obviously, the different settings of the field directly affect the spiritual theme of the figure and the formation of the concept of the perceiver. Take the cover design of the Chinese children's literacy atlas as an example (this is the author's first computer design work 9 years ago. Although it is not very good, it can explain some problems, hehe Various objects on the cover are not pieced together in isolation, but established as a combination of fields. Its composition can be explained as the abstraction of zigzag field, oval field, color field and rhythm field. In order to strengthen the prominence of the title word, the processing of ellipses is deliberately increased in its background, which also stimulates the object images that block the ellipses and are blocked by the ellipses, and cuts into the main content outside the ellipses, which can be freely formed in the expanded infinite space (Fig. ⑤, FIG. ⑥)

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