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The eight application fields of production equipment in China's chain industry

although the chain production equipment has gone through a relatively long road of development, its manufacturing level and technical level have also made a substantial leap. At present, the chain equipment production enterprises provide a large number of efficient, advanced and automated equipment for the national chain production enterprises, which basically meet the needs of the development of chain production enterprises

1. Chain plate punching equipment: the chain plate punching equipment in the chain industry has developed from the original single machine and single person operation to the automation and assembly line punching technology, and its technical level has been rapidly improved. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, said that at present, most domestic manufacturers basically realize high-speed blanking, and adopt imported or domestic high-speed punches to realize automatic feeding of large coils of steel strip, coil material, multiple automatic blanking of progressive dies and composite dies. The blanking speed reaches times/mi, which absolutely complies with the strict national standard n. Product specifications from pitch 6 40mm, and the production efficiency is close to or reaches the international advanced level. But at present, many domestic enterprises remain at the original level and need to be improved. In particular, the stamping automation level of non-standard special-shaped chains needs to be improved

2. Pin machine cutting equipment: most domestic chain manufacturing enterprises generally use high-speed cutting machines, with a production efficiency of 300 times/min, and the end face can be cut without scraping the flat head. The cutting die adopts high-speed wear-resistant new materials, which greatly improves the service life. These equipment are widely used in standard roller chains with a pitch of 19.05m, such as cantilever impact testing machine, electronic tensile testing machine, Mooney viscosity tester and various measuring instruments, which also belong to the standard roller chains within m of this category. However, for the pin shafts of large-scale chains, metal cutting equipment such as lathes are still used, and the production process efficiency is correspondingly lower. Some large-scale engineering chain pin shafts adopt hot heading technology, which greatly improves labor productivity and material utilization and reduces manufacturing costs. This is the development direction of pin shaft processing in our chain industry

3. Sleeve forming machine: in the 1990s, China basically realized professional production in the processing of this part. The processing technology was based on the original rolling process of cutting - wrapping u-rounding - extrusion - shaping, which improved the production efficiency and rolling quality. It not only greatly improved the roundness and joint tightness of the sleeve, but also increased the production efficiency from 150 times/min to 230 times/min. These equipment are also mainly used for sleeves in standard roller chains with a pitch of 38.1mm. However, there are also professional manufacturers in China that produce slotted sleeves for large-scale standard chains, and the rolling process is quite advanced, and mass production is carried out. The vast majority of large-scale chain factories in China use slotted sleeves instead of seamless sleeves, which reduces production costs. At the same time, the process of processing sleeves by cold heading is also gradually promoted in some manufacturers

4. Roller processing and forming machine: the five station roller cold heading machine introduced from Taiwan in the 1990s has been digested and absorbed in Nanjing Tianbao machinery and Zhejiang Hengjiu machinery group, completed localization, and has been widely used in the industry. Now it has achieved professional production

5. Chain assembly machine: chain assembly in China has experienced the development process of manual, single machine assembly, strip assembly, pre pulling and running in after assembly. The high-speed chain assembly automatic line successfully developed by Zhejiang Hengjiu Machinery Group adopts the technology of foreign advanced chain manufacturing equipment, takes the pitch hole as the positioning benchmark, improves the positioning accuracy of assembly, and can effectively improve the assembly efficiency. It also has the functions of steel ball hole extrusion, hydraulic rivet head, parts missing inspection, running in pull hole and automatic section removal. The production efficiency can reach 140rpm, which is widely used in the industry, The gap with foreign advanced chain manufacturing level has been shortened. However, the assembly level of large and medium-sized chains is still relatively backward and needs to be improved

6. Parts heat treatment: belt heat treatment production lines are widely used in the chain industry, with relatively stable quality and improved production efficiency year by year. There are many manufacturers in China, but Suzhou industrial electric furnace factory, Suzhou Xinling electric furnace factory, Jiangsu Fengdong furnace industry, Taiwan Sanyong furnace industry, etc. are widely used in the chain industry. Tilting converters are used for those that need nitriding and carburizing treatment, and this quality stability is relatively poor. In terms of large-scale chains, especially engineering chains, the industry also adopts thick potential carburizing furnaces, which are processed at high frequency or in local areas. The biggest disadvantages of this processing method are low production efficiency and difficult to control quality stability. Some manufacturers are also using vacuum tempering furnaces to reduce surface oxidation of parts

7. Mold processing: at present, in domestic chain mold processing, an extruder, as an important processing equipment, generally adopts ordinary wire cutting machines, with low processing accuracy, which can not meet the accuracy requirements of high-precision chain products. A few domestic chain manufacturing enterprises have used coordinate boring, coordinate grinding or curve grinding machines, CNC milling machines and high-precision CNC slow wire cutting machines to improve the accuracy of mold processing, In order to improve the service life of the mold, some manufacturers are also using the mold vacuum quenching furnace

8. Processing of non-standard special-shaped chain parts: professional division of labor and collaborative production have basically taken shape in China. NC machine tools are used to process sleeves, pins and rollers, and the production efficiency is also improving. Some enterprises are also using precision die forging, precision casting and other processes, which greatly improves the process level of non-standard special-shaped chains

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