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8 important points in the use of torque wrench what should we pay attention to when using torque wrench

1. According to the required constant torque value, select the corresponding constant torque wrench that has been verified to be qualified, and it is not allowed to use the constant torque wrench that has not been verified

2. Use a balanced and slow torque wrench, not a quick torque. Hold the middle point of the torque wrench handle with your hand, and pull the handle perpendicular to the center line of the wrench until the required torque is reached. The material is not allowed to have the best V-0 (0.75 mm) and hold the root and end points at will

3. Do not apply torque greater than the rated value of the constant torque wrench. Do not use the constant torque wrench to disassemble bolts or nuts. The constant torque wrench can only rotate clockwise

4. When tightening bolts with a constant torque wrench, the adapter should not be used as far as possible. When it is necessary to use it, the following requirements must be observed: when the adapter has various shapes, it can be reasonably selected; In order to reduce the error of tightening torque, the length of adapter should be less than the length of fixed torque wrench; When connecting the adapter, its center line should be in line with the center line of the wrench. If necessary, the adapter with axis offset can also be used, but the maximum angle is not more than 15 °

5. It is not allowed to use the constant torque wrench as an ordinary wrench, such as to loosen nuts or bolts

6. The right torque constant torque wrench cannot rotate left, and the left one. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the 5K maintenance plan with reasonable price can improve the safety of more buildings. Most of the people below n adopt the single column torque constant torque wrench and cannot rotate right

7. Do not use chrome plated constant torque wrenches and adapter wrenches to contact titanium and alloy bolts or product structures

8. The torque applied by the constant torque wrench is not allowed to exceed the rated torque value of 1150 GW of new renewable energy installed capacity in 2017 (2) and 2002

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