Eight important steps to manage marketing and sale

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Eight important steps to manage marketing and sales

taking an enterprise that invests 500000 yuan in marketing related expenses (such as advertising, exhibitions, DM Direct Investment, etc.) every year as an example, if the process of the sales cycle can be improved, it can be more closely combined with the customer purchase cycle, and its operation efficiency can be improved, it can speed up the formation of a leading and pillar industry, reduce marketing expenses by more than 50%, and balance cash

in order to improve the efficiency of the sales cycle, we must implement new processes, and take tracking the efficiency of the sales cycle and the customer life cycle value as a means to measure the marketing effectiveness, rather than focusing on whether the sales quota is completed or not

the new sales and marketing process design should include the following eight aspects:

- improve customer follow-up

according to statistics, generally only 2% of the business will be concluded when the customer contacts the enterprise for the first time. Basically, 8 analyzed the indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tensile machine for soft packaging testing. 0% of the business needs five or even eight contacts before closing the case. Enterprises can grasp the completion degree of customer follow-up based on this figure

- sales cycle efficiency

time is an important factor affecting the settlement of transactions. The speed at which a potential customer is converted into a real customer and the number of potential customers requiring conversion determine the efficiency of the enterprise's sales cycle. You might as well ask yourself whether you have taken the right steps to measure and reduce the loss of sales opportunities

- customer life cycle value

the profit contribution of an existing customer within a certain period of time determines the value of the customer life cycle. As we all know, what an enterprise needs to pay to acquire a new customer is several times that of retaining an existing customer. Existing customers are more likely to make repeated purchases and contribute more profits to your enterprise. If you don't understand the value of the customer life cycle, you can't understand how much resources should be invested in a certain customer group

- demand estimation

every customer will make a purchase decision according to a certain period. This means that you should track the rules and changes of cycle time, so as to improve the accuracy of customer demand prediction and customer loyalty judgment. Ask yourself if you know when your customer needs to place an order again

- improve the quality of potential customers

do you have a set of methods to measure the possibility of each potential customer turning into a real customer? When conducting lead generation activities, you should evaluate each new lead in advance, which allows you to take correct follow-up measures. High quality potential customers can provide enterprises with a higher than average sales contribution rate

- raise awareness

in order to ensure as many high-quality potential customers as possible in the sales channel, you must continue to raise awareness of public relations. Compared with advertising, public relations is more effective in establishing awareness, and most companies will spend a lot of money on advertising and exhibitions, but ignore the importance of establishing public relations. The establishment of public recognition cannot rely solely on spending money on advertising

- reduce discounts

discounts represent insufficient and inefficient use of electronic business licenses, electronic invoices, and electronic seals in sales and marketing processes. You should use this method with caution. The correct way is to identify the root cause, and then improve the process that causes a lot of discounts, show customers the added value, and reduce their sensitivity to price

- personnel training

provide regular and formal course training to your sales and marketing personnel. This will enable them to better understand product knowledge, negotiation and sales skills, improve their efficiency, and improve employees' sense of self realization. For enterprises, this is a win-win situation


by controlling your marketing and marketing strategies and processes, improve the efficiency of the sales cycle, reduce marketing related expenses, assume that the fixture is divided by structure, and closely combine with the customer purchase cycle, so that your sales and marketing plan can operate efficiently. In addition, strictly defined strategies and processes can also eliminate inefficient sales and marketing plans, improve sales performance, and create more cash flow for the company. (end)

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