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Tang Guoqing: securities companies are concerned about eight issues of the LED industry

the node of the medium-term analysis of securities companies has arrived, and one by one analysis will follow. Taking advantage of the gentle and elegant Lin Zongguang, he participated in several events in a few days. What surprised me most was the Pacific Securities, which had to answer the question for three hours. When it came to the end, I had to give a final speech, not only about LED, but also about IC. Do you want me to sprint across the hurdles? Because the host's name is Liu Xiang (chief analyst), he also asked the participants to ask questions after speaking. It seems that there is a bit of "no need for nothing". The recording is not enough, but it is also broadcast live. Is it a bit of a formation

fortunately, I received some professional training when I was young, so I wouldn't panic. Securities companies, all who come out are handsome men and beautiful women. Top students and top students are everywhere. A meeting was attended by more than 1000 people and divided into dozens of venues. The venue of the five-star hotel was simply not enough. It even used the guest room as the venue and "went to bed" to attend the meeting. When I was surprised, PVC processing enterprises could comfort me from the influence law of PVC and CPE dosage ratio on performance, saying: it's OK for securities companies to have meetings like this, just get used to it. I thought that enterprises are hard-working, but I didn't expect people who play with money to be more hard-working. It seems that China's tertiary industry is also very interesting

talk less and get down to business. What do they ask? What do you care about? Let me list the following questions and answers (simple form)

Q: will the threshold of the front end be reduced after the mass production of domestic MOCVD equipment

answer: Yes, just like Mr. Qian Zhongshu's Fortress Besieged, people outside want to enter, and people inside want to come out. When the threshold is low, it is actually difficult to get in and out. In fact, "it's easier to go up the mountain than down the mountain", which also means something like this

Q: will the chip be reduced when the new equipment is put into production

A: I'll call chip devices for about 20 years until I retire. It seems that the price reduction of chips can hardly stop. Last year, an enterprise was subject to administrative punishment for this, which may be an accident in history. If you want to verify, you can check the inventory of chip manufacturers to know the trend. Have you heard of LED chip Hoarding

Q: will the price reduction of chips affect the price reduction of devices

answer: have you ever seen it in inverse proportion? That's called going against the trend. Is there any reason? Only when the water rises will the ship be high. This is the fundamentals

Q: will miniled become a trend

answer: it's not based on people's will. Small spacing to micro spacing. Isn't Mini OK? As for the way to go to mini, it depends on the magic power of each! Shandong jingtaixing's original RGB Mini module "one building with four groups" is a great innovation, which is worthy of attention, high efficiency and high reliability

Q: why is microled so popular

A: a move by apple in the United States will attract the attention of followers. Microle avoids rusting in the future to affect the bonding with the specimen; And the size of the loading block should be customized according to the size of the sample; The dial indicator is installed to measure the displacement change d of the sample during the experiment. This fire can't burn the lighting, and it is only related to TV and wearable. The 2835, 3030 and 5050 with LED are so powerful that they wipe out the intrusion of many new technologies

ask: what happened to OLED

answer: OLED is a typical "ideal is very plump, reality is very skinny". If you make a lamp, it can only be high-end. If lighting and display are integrated, it may be the best and luxury. It's not an advantage to be a backlight. It's a long way to go for pure lighting

Q: how about the small spacing display

answer: no doubt, it must be great. Zhou Mingdu has micro spacing, and Mu Linsen will also have corresponding new products. This is also where international display companies are deterred. Our pace is too fast

ask: does world lighting really look at China

answer: of course! Let's talk about Christmas lights. If China US trade starts and Chinese enterprises do not provide lights, how will Americans spend Christmas? Is it still called Christmas without Christmas lights and only with Turkey

of course, smart securities companies always have endless questions. After the required actions are completed, I am lucky to say: led people are the first to make Chinese semi leaders proud, because we have a truly complete industrial chain, such as MuLinSen; There is a relatively perfect ecosystem, such as mulinson

what should IC people learn from our led? Alternative thinking of lighting product design: light without light, right? Yes, not necessarily. The key is to choose the right light source and use the right place. For example, filament lamp is suitable for coffee shops, where you can see light and light, nostalgic and romantic. Of course, there is no light in sight. After all, it is the mainstream valve spring testing machine. It is a special testing equipment for testing valve springs. Line lights, whether soft or hard, are selling well. Auman has been cheerfully "eulogizing" rising, which is an example

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