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Anhui has 8 countries (regions) with actual investment exceeding US $100 million, and Hong Kong ranks first

the actual use of foreign direct investment in Anhui Province is US $6.76 billion, an increase of 20.1% year-on-year, 17.9 percentage points higher than the national growth rate. Among the eight countries (regions) with an actual investment of more than US $100 million, Hong Kong ranks first, accounting for 61.5% of the total. China mechanical and electrical products trading learned that Anhui Province has a total investment of US $5.96 billion in eight countries (regions) with an actual investment of more than US $billion, accounting for 88.2% of the total. The top three actually invested are: Hong Kong $4.16 billion, Taiwan $540 million and the United States $310million. Other countries (regions) include Singapore, Japan, the British Virgin Islands, Germany, and Australia, which have their own characteristics and applicable environment. Hong Kong takes the lead, accounting for 61.5% of the total

in the first half of the year, the actual utilization of foreign direct investment was US $6.76 billion, an increase of 20.1% year-on-year. This was 17.9 percentage points higher than the national growth rate. Among the six provinces in Central China, the total amount of our province is less than that of Henan, ranking second, with the growth rate ranking first

Hong Kong and Taiwan ranked in the top two

in recent years, Hong Kong has always been the No.1 in attracting foreign investment in our province. The investment attraction of our province is also inclined to our close partner Hong Kong. Taking the Anhui Hong Kong Economic and trade exchange activities held in Hong Kong in 2013 as an example, Anhui investment exposition and project signing ceremony and 8 special docking activities were held in just one day. We signed 15 strategic cooperation agreements and memorandums of cooperation, and signed 71 cooperation projects with a total investment of more than 14.6 billion US dollars

the close economic and trade relationship between Hong Kong and Anhui is two-way. By the end of February 2014, our province had established 67 overseas enterprises in Hong Kong, with an actual overseas investment of US $150million. By the end of January 2014, there were 11 Anhui enterprises listed in Hong Kong, with a market value of more than HK $151.1 billion

plan 100 key projects

China's electromechanical products trading finds that foreign investors' enthusiasm for investment in Anhui is rising. Especially in the second quarter, the province's new batch of foreign-invested enterprises 11. 56 can control and maintain the rate of experimental force, deformation, displacement, etc., with a total investment of $1.69 billion. The sensitivity of the detector decreases with the increase of the detection range, with a year-on-year increase of 87%; The registered capital was US $800million, an increase of 73% year-on-year

according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Commerce, except for the laws, administrative regulations and the decision of the State Council on the minimum registered capital of specific industries, our province has abolished the restrictions on the rising pressure of raw material capital and energy capital of foreign-invested companies

it can be predicted that with the promotion of the reform of the company registration system and the policy of lowering the threshold for foreign-invested companies, the situation of utilizing foreign capital in our province will continue to improve

however, the relevant person in charge of the foreign investment department of the Provincial Department of commerce also pointed out that due to the lack of leading projects and strategic reserve projects, the industrial agglomeration effect of foreign investment projects is not obvious, and the utilization of foreign investment is still facing a severe situation

according to the transaction of mechanical and electrical products in China, the commerce department will continue to plan 100 key investment projects in the second half of the year. Guide all localities to change the way of attracting investment, resolutely overcome and prevent the behaviors of competing for policies, resources, land prices, environment and safety, and put an end to vicious competition in attracting investment. Strive to achieve dislocation development and characteristic development

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