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Tekscan measures tire lip pressure distribution

the I-Scan pressure measurement system produced by Tekscan company in the United States can quickly and accurately measure the pressure of almost all tire lip seats/sealing rings on the contact surface between tire and rim. Before providing a more scientific and comprehensive guarantee for the safety of food contact materials and products, the only way to measure the tire lip pressure is to use expensive Edge machines or produce special rims. I-Scan system and tire lip pressure sensor can be easily installed between all tires and rims to accurately measure the pressure. The pressure between tire and rim and its changes under different conditions are understood. The treatment methods are as follows: ① the computer plays an auxiliary role in the optimization of tire and rim design. The system can also provide the data needed for FEA model verification of tires and rims. Finally, the enterprise does not need to purchase expensive testing equipment, such as edge machines and special rims, saving time and cost for automatic opening

tekscan patented thin film sensor has a variety of shapes, can be reused, and can accurately read pressure data. As the general agent of Tekscan in China, Kunshan Chuangyan technology has a professional sales and technical support team, which can configure corresponding systems for you according to your special needs

2-d diagram and pressure versus distance diagram of fetal lip contact pressure. From left to right is the pressure diagram from the outside of the tire,

through the flange and the tire lip to the inside of the tire

application of

inner and outer sides of the tire lip

roll, slide, braking and steering

vehicle overload

insufficient and excessive tire pressure

pressure during inflation, loading and tire rotation


finite element model verification of tires and rims

when testing new products no need for edge machine Special rims and customized components

quickly and easily obtain pressure information under various test conditions (e no matter the supply speed of products or the response speed of customized services nd)

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