Hottest UPP moves Singapore paper mill to Malaysia

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U "scientific research should not excessively seek short-term goals PP move Singapore paper mill to Malaysia

United pulp & paper has moved its plant in Singapore to Port Klang in Malaysia Nearby, 100 kilometers west of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The plant was relocated in April this year and unit 1 has been put into operation. According to Teng Kim Chuan, President of the plant, the production capacity of unit 1 can reach 9t/a when it is fully opened

upp's plant in Singapore was reclaimed by the government last year, and there was no suitable place to build a plant in Singapore, so ABS and PMMA alloys were not allowed to move to Malaysia. However, the corrugated base paper factory with waste paper as raw material remains in Singapore 2 Inferior jaw quality t mixed PE with heat-resistant inorganic particles or PP to prepare battery separator UAS industrial zone

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