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Timestrip launched a new unique and cheap label

smart label innovation Timestrip has made another istrip launch its first unique and cheap label, providing a large number of adhesive solutions for future industry demand, such as live vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. The temperature of abuse is clearly expressed in the cold product supply chain

istrip works record the existence of an irreversible discoloration with a very low temperature, usually from red to colorless. The nominal freezing point is 0C, but istrip can be manufactured with freezing point to match the products it applies

Istrip is a patent pending device consisting of a liquid formulation encapsulated in a label or blister. Since the amount of liquid required for a visible color change is very small, the production index can be used as a two-dimensional label, and the label standard is applicable to the application technology. The market potential of this technology is huge: live vaccines and many other products need to be transported and stored within the temperature range of 2c to 7 C, but they are vulnerable to damage. If the transportation or storage temperature drops below 0 ℃ even if it is temporarily frozen, it can be convenient for users to use; Make the vaccine ineffective and potentially life-threatening if administered

the current freezing indicators are too expensive for personal application, and most of them are applicable to the whole case. However, as the temperature range can be in a large case, this measurement method is inaccurate. As a product, the expansion of the problem scale will further reduce the refrigerated transportation in the logistics chain by using ice packs and calibration "This cooperation will be a win-win move to replace refrigerators.

many studies have found that freezing is a common problem. Istrip is small and cost-effective enough to apply to individual products or transparent plastic bags, so it will provide obvious benefits for end users and manufacturers. A more accurate record of the temperature level experienced by a single product is the same.

istrip makes freezing at the level of a single product Indicators are cost-effective for the first time, says Tristan Allen, Timestrip's director of business development. It solves the long-standing problems faced by the industry with vaccines, and has targeted specific requirements for development from a leading company in the industry. Istrip is an important addition to the company's scope. The launch demonstrates our continued commitment to innovation and technological development

timestrip PLC is a well-known Timestrip smart tag. It measures that the time has passed since the products have been opened or are in use. The technology can be fully integrated into the product or packaging, as well as an application label format

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