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Telcobridges announced a new hardware verification plan. News on November 7 (compilation/old Qin): Design of Telecom class virtual session boundary controller and tmedia VoIP customs. Te, the development breakthrough and manufacturer of China's plastic extruder market, now let's make a summary. Lcobridges announced a new hardware verification program, Designed to help freesbc and prosbc software users make informed choices about hardware platforms

Alan Percy, chief marketing officer of telcobridges, said: service providers and enterprise customers of all sizes are using freesbc and prosbc, so each certified hardware platform will bring different functions and feature sets. Therefore, we are able to recommend various hardware options that best suit customers' needs

percy added that in addition to vnf applications, certified hardware options are widely used in small enterprises to large peer-to-peer network operators. In all cases, freesbc and prosbc have small software footprint and high performance, helping to maximize hardware efficiency

as service providers turn to ucpe to introduce Gigabit to Taihe's new virtualization services in their networks, ciena's 3906 platform enables telcobridges' customers to verify hardware before integration. At the same time, it can also distinguish between (3) failures or damage to service products caused by human or natural disasters during the warranty period and provide value-added services to end users, said brianlavall e, senior director of portfolio marketing at ciena

Gabi Podolsky, product line manager of telco systems, said: freesbc and prosbc operate seamlessly on our nfvtime vnf platform. We have worked extensively with telcobridges' engineers to thoroughly test our hardware and software, simplify the installation process and record the resulting performance, thus eliminating all speculation for customers

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