The two hottest industrial giants compete to estab

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The two industrial giants compete to establish a manufacturing "IOT" cloud platform

Siemens' electronic product factory in Amberg, Germany. Employees operate on the automatic assembly line

the manufacturing giants are forming a competition mode similar to Android vs. IOS. Siemens (Germany) and General Electric (GE) are both striving to establish the most authoritative IOT cloud platform for the industrial field

this technology is expected to become the pillar of industrial automation, and can also provide massive data related to various situations, from parts inventory to long-term loss of products. The question is who will start and lead this field

General Electric, Siemens and other companies hope to reshape the manufacturing industry and allow companies of different sizes to access the digital platforms connecting all stages of the value chain (from design to production to maintenance)

William RUH, chief digital officer of General Electric, said that industrial IOT will realize end-to-end data connection and application

with the new generation of built-in sensors, enterprises can try to have a digital dialogue with industrial equipment, as well as robots, turbines, pumps, UAVs and other products. These sensors enable manufacturers to collect data and send instructions

jenalea Howell, research director of IHS technology, testing HRT or hrn hardness, said that people are still studying the benefits of this technology to the business. This idea began to attract attention, but it is not long

according to the data of markets markets, a market research institution, this rapidly developing market may exceed US $150billion in three years. According to some forecast data, this may exceed the already crowded consumer application market. The industrial application field involves relatively less but more professional large amount of world-class ISO 9001:2008 production standard manufacturing enterprise investment

Jim Lawton, CEO of rethink robotics Inc., a US start-up, said that he would soon see more value from the industrial sector. Rethin has made the semi polyurea product K robotics software and hardware designed for factory automation production

the success of the platform will depend on the openness of its cooperation with competitive brands and professional applications, just as in the case of intelligence. Roland Busch, chief technology officer of Siemens, said that the system needs many partners

one of them is Microsoft (MSFT), which has entered into several transactions with Siemens and General Electric to connect through its azure cloud platform. Other companies deal with very specific tasks within massive amounts of industry data

Siemens and general electric are competing to increase partners and compete for industries such as healthcare and power generation. GE's RUH said the company's predix platform has more than 300 partners

Siemens has officially announced that it has six partners for its mindsphere platform, and the company says that about 100 more are being promoted. Busch acknowledged that Siemens' platform is not as open as its competitors, but said that it will soon be as open as other platforms

experts say that GE's platform has early advantages because it is more compatible with other cloud systems. Dozens of companies have established applications on the platform. Some applications Track spare parts inventory, warn of low supply, or automatically turn off the machine when workers are in danger

application designers include technology start-ups and Robert Bosch Co., Ltd., which are senior companies in the industry

Peter Reilly, an analyst at Jefferies investment bank, said that although Ge is in a leading position in platform opening, Siemens is in a leading position in the field of factory automation. Siemens has reformed many of its factories and led other companies to achieve automation

Siemens and Ge are also competing to expand the attractiveness of their digital platforms by acquiring software companies. Both companies announced last year that they had acquired some American technology companies

Richard soley, director of the industrial Internet consortium, an American organization that includes general electric and Siemens, said that the two competitors, general electric and Siemens, are ahead of other companies in terms of design platforms, so they will have a large market. He said that it is unlikely that one company will dominate the market, because it involves many different industries and their respective needs are very different

lawton of rethink robotics predicts that among the numerous platforms currently under development, two or three major industrial IOT platforms will eventually win. He said that the current situation can be said to be a competition for territory

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