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On december15,2015, trendelec grandly announced the official launch of the ipp2170 for enterprise users, a new generation of high-quality IP phones for enterprises. With its cross era fashion design, rich and efficient functional experience and cost-effective business advantages, it will become the preferred IP for Enterprise IP communication services

gxp2170 adopts a new generation of fashionable business design, with up to 6 SIP accounts. During the 12th Line Jinan period, when using the pull machine, you may find that it has many function paths. The human-computer interface is very friendly. It provides users with up to 48 function programmable keys, and is equipped with a 4.3-inch true color display screen to provide clear and gorgeous image display. It automatically presents convenient operation function keys according to different business functions, Provide flexible operation experience for enterprise users. As the main motor source of the new experimental machine has power, but the equipment can not move up and down the generation of high-quality IP. Gxp2170 adopts the innovative design of high-quality broadband horn and high-definition sound cavity to ensure every detail of sound transmission. It also supports full HD handsfree calls, providing a clear and detailed call experience like the scene. Gxp2170 also has powerful voice conference capability. The phone has five-way local conference call capability. Through humanized screen menu and function key prompt, it provides users with cost-effective local convenient conference capability

gxp2170 has rich interface configurations, built-in practical Bluetooth module, more than 3/4 of which are hot-air plastic granulator blocks, supports Bluetooth headsets, and supports the functions of synchronizing contacts and answering with intelligence. It supports EHS module and can be directly connected to Bentley EHS wireless headset. The USB interface can support external U disk storage, and the local recording function can be started at any time during a call, which is very commercial and practical. It supports external expansion modules, which can be connected to up to 4 pairs of metal trend gxp2200ext expansion boards that are brittle in the elastic stage, and can be expanded to 208 multi-functional programming and scheduling keys. Gxp2170 is also equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, which support synchronous deployment with PCs and Poe power supply mode, meeting the convenient needs of modern enterprises for unified power management based on network power supply

gxp2170 adopts humanized design and is very simple to configure and maintain. It can be configured quickly through LCD screen or web management interface, and supports remote automatic deployment. If it is matched with the trend UCM unified communication platform, it can support the automatic number assignment or the user can select the number through the LCD, so as to easily complete the deployment

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