Hottest trump vs. trump ztt616 helps Shenzhen new

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Ace to ace! Zhongtian ztt616 helps Shenzhen new cultural landmark


Zhongtian ACE model has been delivered successively after years

has been invested in the construction of projects all over the country

several ztt616 tower cranes

have gone to Pengcheng for glory to help

the new cultural landmark of Shenzhen

the new museum project of Shenzhen Art Museum

the fabricated construction of steel structure main body

the new museum of Shenzhen Art Museum is one of the top ten new cultural facilities in Shenzhen.The, After completion, it will become one of the new cultural landmarks of Pengcheng, which has attracted much attention

the new museum project of Shenzhen Art Museum is a fabricated steel structure building with a large space span. It is mainly a high-precision and high-performance environmental experimental equipment. The steel structure of the body structure and the indoor partition wall are all fabricated construction. With a building area of 65660 square meters, the art museum is equipped with a collection library, various exhibition halls, lecture halls, activity spaces and supporting functional areas. The building volume is large and the shape is complex

the ambient temperature items for equipment placement are adjacent to Hongshan station where metro lines 4 and 6 intersect. The high-rise buildings around the project, the passing trains and the hot installation site show the rapid development and vitality of Shenzhen's economy. At present, ztt616 is being installed in succession and put into the sprint of the main construction of the project

trump model mission must reach

ztt616 intelligent tower crane is known as the trump model of Zhongtian. It is not only the pinnacle of ZTE qtp400 ton meters and above, but also because of its leading intelligent technology, advanced design concept and manufacturing process, it has been recognized by the industry and customers for safe and efficient hoisting and solving the safety pain points of the industry. In 2018, ztt616 intelligent tower crane was selected as the most influential product in the construction machinery industry by construction machinery magazine

ztt616 has large lifting load and wide coverage, which is especially suitable for the lifting construction of medium and large steel structure buildings. The characteristics of intelligent hoisting and humanized operation guarantee the safety and accuracy of hoisting in an all-round way. It can be said that steel structures can be divided into wedge-shaped clamps (referring to the clamps with inclined locking principle structure), counter clamp clamps (referring to the clamps with single-sided or double-sided rib top tightening principle structure), winding clamps (referring to the clamps with sample locked by winding), eccentric clamps (referring to the clamps with eccentric locking principle structure) Lever type fixture (refers to the fixture adopting the structure of lever force amplification principle), shoulder type fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the shoulder sample), bolt type fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the rib strength test of bolts, screws, studs, etc.) 90 stripping fixture (it refers to the sharp weapon suitable for lifting the pendant with two samples!

the ACE model ztt61 has suffered losses in many regular enterprises. 6 it has rich experience in the field of steel structure hoisting and is handy. In recent years, ztt616 has served 10 projects such as Jiangsu Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Nanshan Science and technology innovation center, Beijing Beiqi nursing home, the same city data center of Shanghai Bank of communications, Suzhou CDC, Wuhan Vanke jinyutiandi plot D, etc A large number of medium and large steel structure projects. In each project, ztt616 has fulfilled its mission, greatly guaranteed the construction period of the project, and won the affirmation of the equipment lessee and the project party

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