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To230a welding machine 230a diesel electric welding machine

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to230a welding machine 230a diesel electric welding machine adopts the generator and its control system of China Japan partnership. According to the welding requirements supported by Zhonghua pipeline, the welding function has been greatly improved on the basis of the original design. It has the function of single welding and double simultaneous welding without disturbing each other. As long as it is within the engine capacity, welding and exchange electricity can be used at the same time. It is energy-saving, environmental friendly and low-noise, and can meet the requirements of all position welding of steel pipes The welding stability is outstanding, the weld pool is clear, and the weld bead ripple is fine, flat and well formed. With complete functions, high construction efficiency, low operation cost, timely supply of parts and guaranteed after-sales service, it is an excellent welding machine tailored for high-end users in China. The nine phase full wave rectification welding current is adopted to stabilize the welding current, with small spatter and smooth weld crater. It is mainly used for electric welding on the construction site without power supply, otherwise the experiment will not be very successful. The electric welding generator set has fast arc starting, endless arc, easy to move, simple and simple operation, safe and reliable, and is especially suitable for municipal emergency repair or field special environment utilization

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2 The warranty period shall be subject to the product purchase and sales treaty! During the warranty period, if there are quality results, in addition to the quality results caused by improper use by the customer, if the customer can repair by himself, the manufacturer will stop sending the required parts for replacement. If it is not possible to repair by himself, it can be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. In particular, the after-sales technical engineer will carry out on-site repair and maintenance

3. After the warranty period, durable supply of spare parts and charged maintenance services and techniques. No matter when and where, Shanghai Sunway factory is tireless in providing you with what you need. The company has its own R & D center, exquisite process equipment and strong technical force. Its products are constantly updated in the industry and have a high reputation in the use of flash meter from picture tube display to LCD display. Since its establishment, the company has made great efforts to seek "serving customers and meeting customer needs", and developed and recovered non-conforming products for many industries and categories

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