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Tianjin LG Dagu PVC production and sales dynamics

Tianjin LG Dagu PVC production plant maintained a% operating rate and the production was normal. Since the operating rate was reduced in May, the plant has not recovered from unplugging and then plug in again. The main reason is that the production cost is high and the market demand is sluggish. The quotation of the factory is still firm at yuan/ton, but there is a slight concession to old customers

3. Check whether the ambient temperature of the variable-frequency single column tensile testing machine is normal. It is required to be within the range of (1) 0 ℃ to 40 ℃, preferably about 25 ℃; Note: this reprint indicates the source. It is reprinted for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean that it agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of the one-way capacity expansion of its content

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